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Israel: A Heritage Tourist Destination

Any nation that has a rich cultural history is a must visit tourism spot for any person who wants the experience of a lifetime. Israel is the melting pot of the religious history of the three Abraham faiths and is an amazing travel destination. Israel sits snug by the Mediterranean Sea with Egypt and Lebanon at its borders. Israel has diverse landscapes including large metropolitan cities, deserts, hills, and beaches. It is a complete package for anyone to visit to. Israel is a home of wonderful Heritage Tourist Destination.Your trip to Israel will remain incomplete if you do not visit these great places.

Heritage Tourist Destination

Best time to visit?

In case you’re wondering if you can travel to Israel right now, it currently allows International travel as long as you can show that you are Covid negative. Other than that, being in a desert region, expect the climate to be warm in general. However, in winter season, nighttime can get rather chilly so be sure to pack well. It is advisable to visit Israel in the period of August to October when it is neither too hot nor too cold. This way, you can comfortably experience the various regions the country has to offer. 

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Must visit locations:

Israel is a home to many wonderful locations. Your trip to Israel will remain incomplete if you do not visit these essential places:

  1. Tel Aviv:

Being the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv is a modern cosmopolitan city that captures the cultural history of Israel. Located by the ocean, it has a pleasant weather throughout the year. Most of the international flights land at Tel Aviv, so make sure to give the city a couple of days. The most famous part of Tel Aviv is the brilliant food. Main with fresh local ingredients, the food is an exquisite combination of Arab-Israeli cultures leading to renowned and tasty dishes. The nightlife of the city is also unbeatable for the party animals. 

  1. Jerusalem:

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities of the world still standing and has strong historical ties to Jewism, Christianity as well as Islam. Not only does it attract religious pilgrims, but also travelers that are mesmerized by its ancients monuments and palatial structures. Jerusalem is a periscope back to the ancient history of this region, and is rich with culture. Famous places in Jerusalem include the Walled City, the Western Wall for the Jews, the the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque for Muslims, and finally the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Via Dolorosa for Christian pilgrims.

  1. Negev Desert: 

Located in the southern half of the country, the Negev Desert spans over a vast area of 13000 square kilometers. You can expect to find many beautiful sand dunes in the Negev Desert. There are also areas of interest that have gigantic geological formations such as sandstone pillars. Tinna Park, and the Florence and George Wise Observatory located near the Mitzpe Ramon are popular sites to visit in the Desert and can offer breathtaking views of the golden sands. 

  1. The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea is one of the most peculiar geographic wonders of the world. It is supposed to be so salty, that whatever enters the water does not sink. The salt content of the water creates buoyancy and makes things float. A swimming tour of the Dead Sea is a very unique experience that you won’t be getting anywhere else. 

  1. Biblical Monuments:

There are a number of Christian monuments to visit in the deserted regions of Israel for the Christian pilgrims. It is advisable to take guided Israel Christian Tours as they will be able to provide you the best experience covering all the important spots. The popular tourist spots in the region include the Galilee, the city of Bethlehem and finally Jericho. You can find the largest church of in the Middle East at Nazareth and also follow along the hiking routes of the Jesus Trail and the Gospel Trail for a mesmerizing and spiritual journey. Bethlehem is said to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ and is a must visit city. 

Israel has many amazing things to offer to the curious traveler. Our advice to you is to not lock yourself up in the hotel room, and whenever you book your tickets, make sure to go out and explore every nook and corner, because Israel is a treasure of wonderful memories of history and heritage. 

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