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Why the Isle of Wight is the Perfect Destination for a Post-Pandemic Vacation

After two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns, it is now time to go for that much anticipated holiday. Even as travel restrictions ease, many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of traveling abroad. Therefore, right now might be the time to explore the more local islands of your home country or you can have a themed vacation. If you are unsure about traveling in the aftermath of COVID, here’s why the Isle of Wight is the perfect destination for a post-pandemic vacation.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a popular seaside destination that has been famous since the Victorian era. Situated off the south coast of England, this island is most known for its splendid beaches and seafront promenades. The Isle of Wight is blessed with beautiful coastal scenery and a mild climate throughout the year. JustGo! Holidays know that the weather is key to a good holiday and the Isle of Wight ‘receives an average of almost 2000 hours of sunshine each year – more than some parts of Spain!’. 

The island can be easily reached by a short ferry crossing from nearby ports on the mainland. Every day you can find almost 200 Isle of Wight ferry crossings operating from Southampton, Portsmouth and Lymington. Another plus to taking a ferry trip to the Isle of Wight is the ability to take your car. Making it easier for visitors to explore the island comfortably, without the need for rental car services. 

However, for travelers who do not wish to or are able to drive on vacation, JustGo! Holidays offers return coach travel and ferry crossings to the Isle of Wight. Not only this, but you can also easily book your accommodation and excursions through the website for the ultimate travel experience. 

The beaches of the Isle of Wight are perfect for long walks, horseback rides and fun-filled family moments. In comparison to the little beaches of the UK, the Isle of Wight has splendid beaches that give visitors a feeling of the Mediterranean coast. Whether you just want to feel the fresh air, enjoy the crashing waves, lounge at the beach or indulge in some water sports, you will find a galore of options on this pretty island. 

While Brook Chine is famous for its kite surfing, holidaymakers love to spend their time on the golden beach of Sandown and the sandy beaches of Shanklin and Ryde. Photography enthusiasts can visit Whitecliff Bay to get a magnificent look at the sweeping shoreline. If you are looking for untouched beaches, Steephill Cove is one of the hidden gems of the island. Another local favorite is Alum Bay which boasts colorful sand cliffs and beautiful turquoise waters. 

  • Stunning natural wonders

One of the most well-known natural wonders and iconic sights at the Isle of Wight is The Needles. The Needles is formed by a row of three stacks of chalk that rise almost 30m above the sea. Originally it had four stacks with a needle-shaped fourth stack that collapsed after an aggressive storm. The formation is named after the missing stack and adds beauty and uniqueness to the coastline of the island. There is a Lighthouse that sits 80m above sea level at the end of the outermost chalk stack.

There is no lack of history or legend on the Isle of Wight and Longstone is another popular historic landmark. Believed to be part of a Neolithic, 6000-year-old communal long barrow (used for burials). Situated in the village of Mottistone, legend says the larger stone was thrown by St Catherine in a wager against the Devil for control of Isle of Wight and good defeated evil.

The Isle of Wight also offers incredible views of multiple chalk cliffs that are spread across the island. 

  • Fun-filled events

The best thing that keeps the Isle of Wight buzzing is the number of festivals and events that are held all around the year. It is home to the Ryde carnival which is the oldest carnival in the UK. Especially in the warmer months, you can watch country shows, listen to live music in a pub or enjoy colorful carnival parades. 

Many organizers also host live yoga workshops, pottery classes and much more for people of all age groups. After an eventful day at the beach, you can unwind at a local pub and watch live electronic, jazz, dance or pop acts and make your evenings memorable.

  • Picturesque villages

The eastern side of the Isle of Wight has many small coastal villages that are known for their history and culture. For instance, Shanklin and Newport villages are full of thatched cottages that appear straight out of a fairy tale. 

You can also visit the popular yachting center in the village of Seaview, explore the large harbor of Bembridge or stroll along with the lush green village of St Helens. On the west coast, the traditional village of Brighstone and the Victorian village of Freshwater are the most popular destinations.

  • Dinosaur Isle

Anyone will be amazed to visit a place inspired by the Jurassic World movie. Dinosaur Isle is Britain’s first attraction park that is themed around dinosaurs. Situated in Sandown, the museum boasts life-sized models of five dinosaurs. 

Don’t be surprised if you find dinosaur skeletons on the way or forest pterodactyls flying above you. The museum also has three dinosaur themed minigolf courses and a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs or dinosaur-shaped biscuits, chocolates and a lot more. 

  • Go-karting

The Isle of Wight also has an all-season outdoor go-karting track where both young and old can experience the adrenaline rush. Whether you want to book a children’s party or indulge in some serious racing, WightKarting offers many different packages to choose from.

  • Cycling

The island is also quite popular with cyclists as it has more than 200 miles of tailor-made cycling routes. With multiple cycling paths on the island, you can either get your own or hire a bike and cycle along the most scenic countryside routes in the UK. The island also has cycle-friendly cafes where you can park your bike and enjoy a tasty lunch or just have a slice of cake with some tea.

  • Locally produced food

The Island of Wight treats its visitors with various delicacies prepared from locally produced food items. Whether you want to take a quick bite at a local café or have a full course meal at a restaurant, the food on this island will satisfy all your cravings. Many eateries also serve fresh seafood that is caught daily and is free from any preservative so you get the true flavor of the sea.

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