8 Tips for Whale Watching To Make Your Trip Hassle Free

Whale watching is one of the most interesting once-in-a-lifetime experiences. None of us can deny the fact of happiness that comes with whale watching. Experiencing whale watching on Maui is truly an experience none of us can deny. However, to maximize the experience, one needs to keep in mind a few things.

Especially if you are new to whale watching, you need to take special care so that it becomes a truly memorable experience for you. If you want to know if whale watching is safe or not, and many other tips, keep reading, I have listed a lot of useful information. 

Whale Watching

Best time of the day for whale watching

Most of you must be keen on knowing the best time of the day to watch the whales. Well! The answer to this is that mornings are the best time to witness whale watching. Morning trips for the activity are always considered better as compared to any other time of the day.

This is mainly because the sea conditions are serene and calm during this time. This enables a better maneuver of the boat, leading to better and easier sightings of the whales. However, whales can mostly be witnessed during any time of the day.

Best weather conditions for whale watching

Whale-watching activities under some clouds and rain can be pretty exciting. Such weather supports whales to reach the surface more often. A Cloudy day is considered the best weather for the activity and even if it rains, whales don’t care.

Humpback whales are more comfortable spending their time in Alaska, which makes them suitable for cooler waters, slight wind, and rains. This is the prime reason why such weather is considered suitable for watching whales.

Dive Maui can help you find the best place and best time to witness an awesome experience with your whale-watching desires. 

Is Whale Watching Safe?

People often fear going for whale watching tours due to the anticipated safety norms associated with the activity. Most people think it’s pretty unsafe and involves a lot of risk of going for a whale watching tour

On the contrary, it is very safe to go on whale watching tours. The whale-watching industry has very seldom witnessed any major incident of unsafe whale-watching activity. Tour operators make sure to keep their whale-watching vessels at an appropriate distance.

They halt the propellers such that they are at a safe distance from the whales, however, the massive mammals tend to reach the vessels by swimming up to the same. But, none of this has affected the safety of the activity. 

This means you can go for Dive Maui to be a part of whale watching on Maui adventure.

Or go whale watching in Bremer Bay, an ideal haven for whales, boasting an abundant feeding ground and lying directly on their epic migratory path. Get ready for an unforgettable encounter!

However, it’s always better to keep in mind these few things prior to planning your whale watching event to make sure you have a happy memory.

Points to keep in mind before going whale watching

Wear comfortable clothes 

Comfortable clothes are the first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind when one is going for a tour under the sky. As the tour comprises a water-borne setting, you might be tempted to wear short clothes but that definitely isn’t a good idea.

Instead, make sure to wear long-sleeved shirts along with long pants for complete skin protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. 

A jacket or a raincoat is a must

The temperature in the middle of the sea on a floating vessel can trick you. Sometimes, you might be troubled with fully exposed harmful rays of the sun while there could be times when rain showers can be a part of your trip.

Cooler breezes with occasional sea splashes can also add to your discomfort. So, it’s always better to carry a jacket or a raincoat alongside for the worst-case scenario. 

Rubber sole shoes are the best

Rubber-based sole shoes are your best companion when touching any sea vessel. They not just support the friction but also dodge slippery surfaces, avoiding any kind of slip. You can choose to wear comfortable flip-flops for the tour.

Carry your personal camera and binoculars

When going whale watching, none of us would like to miss any moment of whale sightings. Will you! So, make sure you have your personal cameras and binoculars by your side so that you get to capture your special moments.

Also, as you will be in the middle of the sea, make sure you waterproof your gadgets. More importantly, also make sure to stock up on a few extra batteries to avoid any future regrets.

Don’t over expect 

Even though this could be a negative remark, always remember, you are on a trip to watch a natural being. They do not understand appointments and aren’t paid to put on a show for you.  So, it’s always better to expect less and enjoy more. 

Experienced sea vessel holders for whale watching on Maui or even charter boat captains have the apt knack for conducting suitable tours of the regions where the whales can be easily spotted. 

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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