Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico: Is It Worth a Visit?


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Today we’re going to be talking about Tuxtla, Chiapas, Mexico. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Tuxtla Gutierrez is really the full name of the largest city of Chiapas. It’s about a million and a half people, and it is located in the Chiapas region, it is probably the biggest main hub of Chiapas.

Overall, San Cristóbal de las Casas is also a pretty big city, but it’s more of a visitor place, a tourist place. It’s a really beautiful, beautiful city. You need to go and listen to my podcast about San Cristóbal de las Casas. You would love to visit it and find out all there is to do.

Is Tuxtla Gutiérrez Worth Visiting?

Tuxtla is also a place that you can visit personally. After visiting it and reading a lot about it, you recognize that it’s not really a visitor’s hub. It is mainly where a lot of industry is done, a lot of business is done.

It’s a full-on city that has some pretty cool places to visit as well.

Overall, it is really not a place that you would ever visit if you go to Mexico. We went there because my husband and son went climbing in San Cristobal de las Casas. Make sure you listen to my episode all about rock climbing in San Cristo de las Casas because that is amazing. So the people that they met there and also used to go rock climbing with vertical climbing, they opened up a climbing gym called Scala, which is actually really a great climbing gym.

So we were there to be part of the inaugural opening day, the grand opening. So that was the only real reason why we went there. But it was interesting to go and check out Tuxtla as well.

parque central tuxtla chiapas

Parque Central

They do have Parque central. Everything in Mexico seems to be pretty big, so their Parque central is quite large. They are also known for the Parque de Marimba, which obviously has the famous marimba in this instrument that is played there. You can see that the benches are laid out and there are ongoing shows of the marimba as well. It is more of that touristy part of the area.

church parque central tuxtla mexico

Sumidero Canyon

Also we went and we did the Sumidero Canyon from San Cristobal de las Casas, which was in Chiapa de Corzo. It’s about 2 hours from San Cristobal. But if you are going to go from Tuxtla, this is probably one of the most popular day trips to do, because it’s only about 30 minutes away from Tuxtla itself. So definitely think of that when you are headed to Tuxtla about what to do. I definitely recommend doing that.

I have an entire podcast all about doing the Sumidero Canyon Tour and Chiapa de Corzo, which is the main town where you take the tour from.

Where to Stay?

If you’re going to stay in Tuxtla, you need to definitely stay closer to Parque Marimba because that’s pretty much walkable. Overall it seems like a very local, peaceful city even though it is a city with a lot of malls and the usual stuff. So if you do have to go to Tuxtla, stay closer to Parque Marimba the better, simply because there is a lot of walking easily, and it felt pretty safe overall to do so.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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