Inverness, FL Rentals: How About a Golf Resort?

If the one thing you can learn from reading my lodging recommendations is: (whenever possible) stay in a vacation rental. They have many benefits and if you are traveling with kids, in my opinion, it’s the best option, and I’m going to show you why. On one of my many trips to Florida, we stayed at the Inverness vacation rental, and here’s my full experience and review.

inverness florida vacation rentals

Sure, hotels are fun. They have their purpose:

  • If you go for the resort experience
  • If there aren’t any vacation rentals in the area

When traveling with kids, vacation rentals will literally save your trip.

Hotels are usually one room unless you get connecting rooms. But you still lack the living and hanging out space that makes all the difference. And once in a while, it can be fun to have a meal at home without getting all decked out and leaving the comfort of sofas and TV.

Inverness FL Vacation Rentals

Golf Resorts are Great Options

While visiting Florida’s Nature Coast there are a lot of downtimes. The majority of activities are only half a day, so being cooped up in a one-room hotel will drive anyone mad. Especially when you have two (extremely) energetic boys.

Inverness, Florida came on my radar because it was close to all the major activities we wanted to do in these areas:

Doing a thorough search I found Van der Valk Golf Resort Inverness. They offer all sorts of vacation villas and condominiums that would work for all size families and parties. Plus, with the price of the house or condo, you get a ton of amenities including the use of nine golf courses (which is totally unheard of).

Van der Valk Golf Resort Inverness

inverness fl vacation rentals

What I mainly wanted was to have a living room, dining room, and a private pool. We would have almost two full days of downtime while staying here, and I really wanted to have plenty of activities for my kids to do while we chilled out.

private pool of a vacation rentals inverness fl

When we finally pulled up to our four-bedroom house at The Inverness Golf Resort, it reminded me of the neighborhood I grew up in. Making me feel totally at home instantly.

vandervalk inverness fl

Tour of Our Vacation Rental 

This was by far the most spacious vacation rental we have ever had. Normally we stay in two-bedroom houses or villas. But to have a private pool, we went completely all out and had a four-bedroom house. And I loved it.

The Kitchen – a rare photo of me cooking, but that’s how domestic I felt being there.

kitchen of van der valk golf resort invern

The Dining Room and Kitchen

kitchen and dining room at van der valk inverness, fl

Living Room and TV – We spent way too much time lounging out here

living room of a van der valk inverness fl

With a private pool, you also get a huge outdoor, enclosed patio

outdoor patio van der valk inverness

Now the Bedrooms. We had four, so it was a big deal for my oldest to pick the one he wanted to sleep in.

bedroom of a vacation rentals inverness fl

The Flower Room – I don’t think so!

flower bedroom van der valk golf resort inverness

The Master Bedroom – this wasn’t an option. I definitely deserved the best room, which had a huge bathroom and walk-in closet which was big enough for a bed of its own.

the master bedroom van der valk golf resort

We finally went with the cozy ‘Red’ room (one of my son’s favorite colors).

sleeping boy

When we arrived, we had a welcome package waiting for us. Normally everyone who arrives gets this package if they are staying seven days or more for free, we received it too. You can ask for anything in advance to be waiting for you when you arrive, so you don’t have to worry about necessities when you arrive.

welcome package in a inverness florida vacation rentals

There was also more in the fridge.

inverness florida vacation rentals fridge welcome package

And of course, the not-so-sexy but oh-so crucial part of the house – the laundry and drier machines!

inverness fl vacation rentals washing machine

Amenities that You Receive Staying in Inverness Vacation Rentals

1. Golf courses galore. When you rent a house or condo, you literally get access to NINE different, world-class golf courses and entrances to their country clubs. No one offers such a deal. We may not be golfers, but we love staying at Golf Resorts because they usually have gorgeous properties, wildlife, and open spaces. And everywhere they charge an arm and a leg, even if you stay with them, for the use of the courses.

2. Country Club entrances (if you don’t play golf) where you can swim indoors or outdoors in Olympic size pools. And also spas and gyms.

3. Free canoe rentals

Canoes for a lakeside vacations inverness fl

4. Views that are true serenity

lakeside vacations inverness fl
Sunset from Our House

5. Access to a farm right on the property. Plus, equestrian lessons or horse tours.


Video Fun

Information for Visiting The Van Der Valk Golf Resort Inverness

Phone: (352) 637 1140

Address: 4555 E. Windmill Drive, Inverness Florida 34453

Villas and Rates

  • Comfort Villa $204 – $218

It has 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room, and an open kitchen and can accommodate 2 – 8 guests.

  • Golf View Villa $218 – $229

It has 3, or 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room and an open kitchen. The villas can accommodate 2 – 8 guests.

  • Executive Villa $250 – $286

It has 3, or 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a spacious living room, and an open kitchen. The villas can accommodate 2 – 8 guests.

  • Condo $204 – $200

It has 2 or 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a spacious living room, and an open kitchen, and can accommodate 2 – 6 guests.

Golf Courses

  • Lakeside Country Club, Home course

  • Citrus Springs G&CC, Citrus Springs

  • Juliette Falls G&CC, Dunnellon

  • Skyview Golf Course, Hernando

  • The Oaks at Citrus Hills, Hernando

  • The Meadows at Citrus Hills, Hernando

  • Brentwood at Terra Vista G&CC, Lecanto

  • The Country Club of Silver Springs Shores, Ocala

  • Miona Lake G&CC, Wildwood

What They Offer

Guests of Van der Valk Golf Resort are offered an exclusive Golf, Sport & Wellness package.

This package consists free green fees on 9 local golf courses. 6 tennis courts, 2 private fitness centers, an indoor and outdoor pool, a private spa & Wellness center, and a social activity program.

  • 3 “Members Only” restaurants

  • Tours

  • Theater

  • Fitness Center

  • 2 heated swimming pools

  • 2 Raquet ball indoor courses

  • Beauty treatments, Massages, Manicures, Pedicures (not free)

Vacation Rentals in Florida – Golf Resort in Inverness Florida

Last Updated on August 14, 2023

4 thoughts on “Inverness, FL Rentals: How About a Golf Resort?

  1. Interesting, but unfortunately while you were at Lakeside you missed Lakeside Vacations. We rent out similar vacation rentals located around the golf course. Our rates are lower and we offer our guests that stay at least one week free rebate cards for golf on 24 of the best golf courses. Every first round for only $25 including cart. Also, our guests receive a 10% discount on all food in the on-site Lakeside Bar & Grill where our front desk is located.

  2. From this review I can see that vacation rentals are much more beneficial. Especially with those with family. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. It really is a great place to stay! We know, because we own a rentalhome at the park since 2000.
    Don’t forget to rent a pontoonboat in Homosassa to take a trip on the Gulf of Mexico and see some Dolphins and Manatees.

    If you need some more information you can always contact us through our website floridagolfvilla.nl

    Gerard and Marion Vanderwerf

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