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International Relocation: Key Things You Need to Do Before

‘It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive,’ said Robert Louis Stevenson, and we all know what he meant. It is great to set out on a new adventure fired by nothing but optimism that everything will work out. But that optimism can hit a nasty rock when we arrive. That is the moment we wish we had prepared a little more carefully.The significant high cost of living and excessive regulations on business are compelling families and businesses to international relocation.

International Relocation

How to Make International Relocation Easier

The Main Issues
The best thing you can do is to make a visit to your intended destination in advance. This will not only help you lay the groundwork but will also give you a taster of what the problems might be.

A home and a base in your new country are essential to your peace of mind. You may have to make do with a temporary arrangement, but it is better to have somewhere fairly long-term lined up. Fortunately, through the internet, there is worldwide support available, from firms who can help you find a home for sale in Costa Rica to those who can recommend a hostel in Paris.

Unless you have substantial savings, you are going to need an income. Finding work in an unfamiliar labor market can take some time, and can leave you very open to tricksters. If you can’t fix up work before you go, find out how best you can arrange something when you arrive and don’t leave it to chance. If you will be living on a pension, consult your provider about the arrangements that you need to make to access your income.

Build Relationships
Arriving in a foreign country can be a very lonely experience. You will want to make contacts and create relationships fast. Get in touch with people in the expat community—they will provide you with lots of support and advice.

Before you go, learn the basic requirements of courtesy and the cultural norms of your new home. Generally, people are very forgiving to newcomers, but there is no point in taking the risk of giving offense. Also, learn a bit of the language—in most countries the smallest attempt to speak to people in their own tongue is appreciated.

Many a planned new life has fallen at an early hurdle through carelessness about simple practical matters:

  • Have enough money to support you for the first few weeks, remembering that, until you know your way around, you will spend more than you really need to.
  • If you have a vehicle that you need relocating to your new location, then make sure you run quotes from different companies like Cars Relo to ensure you get the best quote for you.
  • Don’t neglect your insurance; your life could depend on it.
  • Get all your paperwork in order (visas, etc) and get any vaccinations you need.
  • Check that your credit card and phone will work.

Traveling Hopefully
For the young and adventurous, arriving in a new place provides an Adrenalin buzz which may not be so welcome to more experienced people. By all means, try your luck, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing you had prepared a little more carefully.

Maya Hill was a world traveler seeking something she knew was missing from her life in the U.S.A. Finally, she reached Costa Rica and knew this was going to be her home. She shares her tips and experiences on moving abroad.

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