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Interesting Meeting Destinations Around The World

When you’re trying to find the best place in the world to organize your next big gathering of friends and family, you’ll want to choose the most interesting spot for the rendezvous.  Lucky for you, the world holds an array of creative options for meeting spots.  Four places that you can consider planning a meeting abroad with family or friends.This is a list of Meeting Destinations Around The World. 

Meeting Destinations Around The World

The research you willing to put into your search will determine the success you find.  Start here, and check out a short summary, featuring a few of the world’s most interesting and excellent meeting destinations.   

Cape Town, South Africa 

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful hotspots in South Africa, and you won’t be disappointed once you arrive.  More than beauty, Cape Town has a slew of excellent meeting destinations for your grand soiree.   

Magnificent sea views will post the backdrop for a lovely gathering of kind minds in Cape Town, South Africa.  Try making reservations along the Atlantic seaboard in Clifton, Fresnaye, and Green Point for the best sights.   

Brussels, Belgium 

If you’re looking to stage a huge gathering of people, Brussels can accommodate a gathering this large.  The Brussels Expo has more than 1 million square feet of space for your setup, and the service will not let you down.   

Place Brussels on your short list, and dig a little deeper to learn more.  The hotel accommodations in the area are also second to none.  Stay comfortable and entertained no matter where you go, and learn something new along the way.   

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen is a super-connected center in northern Europe, and offers a few fairy-tale settings for your next big gathering.  Public transportation in the area is second to none, so don’t worry about folks getting around the place. 

Check out the Copenhagen Opera House while you’re in the city, and don’t pass on the local eateries.  Explore what Denmark has to offer, and enjoy your visit, even if it’s primarily focused upon business. 

San Francisco, California 

The Moscone Center in San Francisco, California has plenty of space for whatever event you may be planning.  The city is also one of the most colorful places in the United States to vacation.   

Don’t let the fog/smog deter you from planning your next gathering in San Francisco, as the 360-degree views of the Golden Gate Bridge are beautiful no matter what the weather has planned for the day.   

Seoul, South Korea 

Seoul, South Korea may be one of the most creative destinations for planning a grand meeting, but the city is coming up in the world.  Try reserving a spot in the Coex Convention and Exhibition Center, or check your options at the SETEC.  You’ll have more than a million square feet to utilize, so make it count.   

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