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Facts About Chichicastenango, Guatemala for Travelers

Chichicastenango in Guatemala

Chichicastenango is commonly known as Chi chi for Guatemalans. This is a great place for those looking for authentic market experience in Guatemala. But what makes it so special? Well, the Chichicastenango market is Central America’s largest market and is known for the amount and variety of handcrafts it offers. The best days to visit this cute town in the highlands are Sunday & Thursday.

Chichicastenango Market in Guatemala

Another fun thing about it is that it surrounds the local church. A unique place where you get to see how religious syncretism is still very much alive in Guatemala. The atrium of this catholic church is witness to Mayan Style religious rituals. It is truly a special thing to see.

Facts About Chichicastenango in Guatemala

Where is Chichicastenango located?

You will find the Chichicastenango in the Quiché department of Guatemala. Around 2.5 hours away from Antigua and 3.5 from Guatemala City.

How to Get There?

Your best bet is to make a reservation at a shuttle company. There are daily shuttles leaving from places like Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan. This is a combination of good price and safety.

Prices go from $15 to $70 depending on how luxurious the bus is and whether you want to take a collective one or a private one.

Traditional Guatemalan Chicken busses also go there and are way cheaper. But they aren’t as quick, safe, or comfortable. This is not an option I would recommend.

How It Became a Popular Touristic Destination

It all started in the 1930s when a traveler discovered this tiny town in the Guatemalan highlands filled. He loved it so much that he decided to open a small inn and started taking travelers to it from Guatemala City and Antigua.

curtains found in the chichicastenango market in guatemala

Historical Facts About Chichicastenango, Guatemala

  • It was founded as a result of the conquest when people from different cities who were being burnt decided to flee.
  • The original name of the town was Chuilá.
  • The name Chichicastenango means “Land of Chichicaste”. Chichicaste is a sort of poison ivy that causes a nasty rash that lasts a few hours.
  • This is where the Mayan equivalent of the Christian bible was found. The book is called Popol Vuh and it narrates the origin of humankind.

When to visit chi chi castenango Guatemala?

Its habitats still preserve their Mayan traditions. This is easily seen in December, from 14 to 21. It is when its traditional annual festival takes place. If you visit Chichi during these days you will see traditional dances and the fascinating Palo volador ritual (men spin from ropes attached to a 20-meter pole).

Music, religious processions and dances are common to find on the streets during these days and it is all in honor of Santo Tomás el Apóstol.

Local vendors at Chichicastenango market in guatemala

Places You Have to Visit in 

Chichicastenango Market

This is a huge outdoor market. Here you will find good-quality weavings, pottery, fabrics, jewelry, clothes, and masks, to name just a few. You will also find lots of local produce & animals for sale. But be careful it is so big that you might get lost.

Iglesia Santo Tomás

The town’s church was built over 1540 over a Mayan temple (the steps in front of it are from that old temple). If you come here you will be able to see some Catholic-Mayan rituals both inside and out. There are always people at prayer, swinging incense-laden censers and chanting. This is also where the Popol Vuh (the Mayan book of creation & their gods).

Museo Rossbach

This is a small museum that has a collection of jade objects, ceremonial masks, obsidian spearheads, incense burners, necklaces and figurines found among ruins. This is all that is left from the Mayan settlement that was once here.

Pascual Abaj

This is a Mayan ceremonial site where modern Mayans still perform rituals. It is dedicated to the earth god. Ceremonies are performed by shamans and involve lots of incense, liquor, chanting, candles, flowers, and maybe even chickens.

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Facts About Chichicastenango Guatemala for Travelers

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