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Interesting Facts About Albania Every Tourist Visiting Should Know

Beautiful beaches, excellent food, lovely locals, rustic mountains, yup!

That’s Albania, the small nation sharing borders with Greece. 

Now that you’ve decided that you’ll be holidaying in Albania, enlighten yourselves with these facts about the country.

an island in albania

One of the Safest

Worrying about safety as a tourist in Albania? 

No need to! 

Albania is very safe for tourists and there are almost no crimes towards tourists. In fact, it is one of the safest places in Europe for tourists. Having said that, pickpocketing is one thing you need to be wary of.

Beaches in Albania

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful picturesque coastline. If there is one place on earth that could match that imagination, it is Albania!

Dhermi beach in Albania has been rated one of the best in Europe. The sight will hypnotize you.

Then there is Ksamil, one of the most sought-after beach destinations in Albania. It is called the Ionian Pearl. The locals run boats that ferry you to the stunning island or if you’re feeling particularly energetic, you can even swim there.  

Shqipëria – The Land of Eagles

Ever wondered why the beautiful land is called the land of eagles or what the humongous eagle on the small nation’s banner means? 

The story is about the royal bird, the eagle, watching over a hunter who later becomes the king of the land. The king fondly called the ‘son of the eagle’ ruled over the kingdom of the ‘land of eagles’ or as it is referred to by the locals – Shqipëria.

Food and Water

There is absolutely no dearth of taste in Albanian cuisine. There are hundreds of things to try and the best part is they are all inexpensive. While you must try and taste everything, you must not miss the following dishes

  • fëgesë
  • tavë kosi
  • byrek
  • speca me gjize
  • baklava
  • trilece

Another important thing to note and be aware of is the water in Albania. It is recommended to drink only bottled water. Even the locals drink only bottled water.


Raki to the Albanians is like vodka to the Russians. Any time is Raki time. 

To put it simply, it is the unofficial national drink of the Albanians. The locals drink it when they host someone, when they meet someone when they’re happy when they’re sad, or just after every meal. 

Drinking raki is in itself a very old art. There are many different ways to drink raki. Honey, for example, is added to raki before drinking. Usually, before one gulps down raki, gëzuar the Albanian equivalent of cheers is said. 


If you’re new to traveling in Central European countries, you’ll be relieved to know that Albania has a good bus system.

The buses, well, cute vans really, are called furgons. They are the primary form of public transport found in the country. 

Spotting a furgon is very easy. Just look for a white van at the front of which sitting on the dash is a large card stating the final destination. One of the best advantages of a furgon is that they are inexpensive.

Bus timings are, however, quite irregular and tourists may not get accustomed to the schedules when on a short trip. 

If one doesn’t want to take the bus, the rental car industry is also very mature in Albania. One can easily rent a car to get around. Click here to book a reliable rental car service.

The Language

If you notice carefully, you’d see that the Albanian language – Shqip, is not a descendant of any traditional European grandfathers.  

The Albanian language has its own place in the linguistic tree. While its origin is unclear, the language is quite unique, although some words are similar to Latin-originated languages. 

Naturally, the Albanian locals are very proud of their mother tongue so learning a few phrases might win you a free drink!

Final Thoughts

You’ve already done half the work for a safe and fun vacation by choosing Albania for your holiday and reading this article. 

The beautiful country with lovely people, excellent food and a gorgeous coastline will definitely not disappoint you.

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