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The Secret to Keeping Water Cold for Hours – Insulated Water Bottle

Confession time. I have never owned a thermos before. I’m one of those people that has a really weird palate. I can’t have anything hot or cold. It all needs to be luke warm. So I never considered it. However, when you travel to a really hot place, you are begging for ice cold water. Even my finicky mouth.

Second confession. I never heard of a thermos that can keep water cold and also keep it hot at the same time. If that’s not a most brilliant invention, than what is? When doing a search for water bottles that keep your water cold for hours I was expecting to find those bottles that you have refrigerate the night before and it only lasts as long as the ice surrounding the actual bottle lasts (which is usually a couple of hours). Plus, those bottles are super heavy due to the ice. So when I found Eco Vessel and their insulated bottle, I was all over it.

Eco Vessel offers a line of water bottles and food storage containers that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. One of their products is the BOULDER Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle. It was designed to keep water cold for more hours than regular bottles, without getting the outside wet and also keeping hot liquids hot for almost 36 hours.

Eco Vessel Boulder

My Take on It

After getting the bottle for my cold water for when we travel to super hot places, I also did a quick experiment with my tea. I’m a tea addict and even though I can’t have it super hot, I do like it warmer than room temperature. So I poured in the tea at the temperature I like it and it LASTED the entire day.

And with the cold water, it worked perfectly. We were in Florida during a severe hot spell and I put the bottle to the test. Early in the morning pouring in ice cold water and by late afternoon it was still ice cold.

These bottles/thermoses are smaller than the usual thermos, more the size of a regular bottle. You can put it in any backpack or purse or simply carry it in your hand.

I’ve owned it now for almost one month and have only parted with it for a few days because we moved from one house to another and it was packed and I felt as though I have lost a part of me. It is one of those types of things you don’t know how you survived without it.

Contact and Information for Eco Vessel

Eco Vessel also has a bunch of other really cool products. My recommendation, head over to their website and see what tickles your fancy.

And if you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter you’ll get all the juicy new info before others do as well.

Insulated Water Bottle – The Secret to Keeping Water Cold for Hours


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