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Insider’s Tips for Travelling To Spain

Sunny beaches, beautiful architecture and stunningly delicious Mediterranean cuisine are not all that Spain can offer to travelers. To make your trip comfortable and pleasant, consider the opportunity to improve Spanish here: You can be helped by the following pieces of advice.

Insider’s Tips for Travelling in Spain

Tips for traveling to Spain

When to Go to Spain

Bad weather can spoil even the most planned holiday, so if you do not want to constantly worry about this, the best periods for travel are from March to June and from September to December. At this time, the weather in Spain is the most comfortable without sharp changes in temperature and abundant rainfall. In addition, there are not so many tourists, which also, you must agree, is a big plus.

Another point is if you want sun, beaches, and parties. Then, the ideal time is, obviously, summer. The maximum number of sunny days and the warmest sea is an ideal option to get pleasure from the rest on the coast or on the islands. But in this period, we still advise you to refrain from traveling to the central and northern parts of Spain because it is very stuffy and hot there at this time.

In the summer months, many local festivals and festivals take place in different regions of Spain, such as the famous San Fermin in Pamplona, celebrated on July, 7, or La Tomatina in Buñol, held on the last Wednesday of August.

Spain for Free

When you are going to visit Spain, you do not have to plan to spend too much for entertainment. In this sunny country, you can enjoy your stay safely without paying a cent.

For example, you can get acquainted with Spanish cities during free tours. In this way, in Madrid, daily free excursions are organized by Sandemans company. To do this, you have to fill in the form on the company’s website in advance or just go to the meeting place of the group 10-15 minutes before the beginning. Excursions are held daily at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, and 14:00 and last up to 3 hours. The meeting place is Plaza Mayor, next to the information tourist office not far from Sol metro station. They speak both English and Spanish.

Insider’s Tips for Travelling in Spain

Another free sightseeing tour in Madrid is provided by guides from Way Hostel Madrid. The group gathers daily at 11:30 near the door of the hostel and goes out to explore the city. The tour takes about three hours.

For fans of museums, there is an opportunity to visit them absolutely free of charge. Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum, and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid welcome visitors for free. Just find out all the relevant information on their official websites.

Barcelona does not lag behind the capital with free tours by Sandemans. Excursions are held daily at 10:00, 11:00, and 14:00. The groups are taken in the park Plaça de l’Àngel. Feel Free Company also offers tourists free acquaintance with the city. You can go to explore the Old Town and the Gothic Quarter or get acquainted with the era of modernism in the history of Barcelona. From June, 1 to September, 15, guided tours are offered to visit the famous district of Gracia and Park Güell for 3 hours.

Alicante in Valencia will not let you get bored as well because the city has a number of museums that are open to attendance free of charge in any day and time. There, you can visit Museo de Fogueres, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bullfighting Museum and so on.

Spain City Pass

Traveling in Spain can be greatly facilitated if you buy a tourist card, also known as the City Pass. It is available in many cities of Spain, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Granada, Zaragoza, and others. The card can be bought at tourist information offices, airports, hotels and travel agencies. With it, you are provided with discounts for attractions and museums, as well as guided tours and concerts, plus discounts on public transportation and shopping in stores.

City Pass is usually valid for one, two or three days and gets activated when first used. The price depends on the expiration date of the card and varies from €10 to €60. Note: if you buy the card via the Internet, it is sent by mail, or you get a code by which it can be picked up at certain spots in airports, railway stations or at tourist information offices.

Mobile Communication and Internet

Communication is one of the key points of any journey. Well, if your operator supports roaming service, then you are automatically connected to one of the local networks – Vodafone, Movistar, Orange or others.

If you plan to call a lot, you should consider purchasing a prepaid SIM card. It will allow you to call to other countries at a more favorable rate. Of course, do not forget about such achievements of civilization as Viber or Skype.

If you need to connect to the Internet, in Spain this will not be a problem. Free access to Wi-Fi is available not only in airports and railway stations, but also in cafes, restaurants, parks, and museums. The password for connection can always be checked with the employees.

In addition, Spain has a 4G network with a wide coverage area, so before the trip do not forget to clarify the terms and tariffs of your mobile service provider.

What You Should Not Do While Traveling in Spain

Spain is a mainly calm and safe country for tourists. But, as in any unknown place, in Spanish cities, especially large ones, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules first of all, so that your vacation would not be overshadowed by any unpleasant incident.

Do not take with you large amounts of cash. It is most reasonable to take with you exactly as much money as you plan to spend and keep it in the inner pocket of your clothes, not in your wallet. The rest of money should be kept in the hotel safe. Try not to go too close to the edge of the sidewalk.

Do not leave documents at the hotel. When you check in, you will be asked for a passport in order to write out the necessary data for registration. But hotel employees do not have the right to detain your documents for a long time under any pretext.

Do not take pictures without permission. When you are in a new country, you immediately want to capture on the camera almost everything that you see. But, being in Spain, remember that there are some prohibitions. For example, photography is prohibited in areas of military ports and military bases. You cannot take pictures of military and government employees, as well as policemen. If you have a desire to photo the local residents, it is better to ask their permission to avoid misunderstanding.

Don’t choose the wrong places for a snack. Do not go to the first restaurant or bar on your way, without first making sure if there are any visitors at all. In general, the presence of locals in such a situation is a good sign. If you can see the locals at tables, come in boldly. If the eatery is empty, this is a sign that, most likely, this place is not good. For example, there can be problems with hygiene, poor-quality products or fraud when checking out customers.

In Spain, driving after drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Therefore, if you are stopped by patrolmen and offered to pass a test for the presence of alcohol, do not give up. In the worst case, you will simply be fined, but the refusal of verification is a crime with all bad consequences.

Have a nice trip!

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Insider’s Tips for Travelling in Spain

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