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Innisbrook Spa and Packard’s Steakhouse: A Couple Escape at Tampa, FL

couples massage tampa fl

Our couple’s getaway to Innisbrook Golf Resort was much more than just a couple of days away. This time, we went all out and enjoyed a luxury element or two with our trip. It ended up being one of our best romantic escapes.

Innisbrook Spa and Golf Resort Review

Spa Indulgences and 5 Star eating experiences.

My husband and I have enjoyed the occasional couple’s massage. Interestingly enough, I’ve discovered that visiting a spa is much more than simply the actual service you pay for.

Salamander SPA & Wellness Center turned out to be much more than just an awesome 90-minute couples massage.

spa experience at innisbrook salamander golf spa resort reviews

It was the service of the staff that made us feel like queen and king. The way we were greeted.

The extra steps and extra care they took to make us feel so welcome.

It was so genuine, that you totally felt like they enjoyed doing it, not because they had to.

And, trust me, this makes the whole experience so different, so pleasurable and so fun.

I would recommend the Salamander Spa to everyone! It’s also perfect for a monthsary celebration

couple massage tampa fl at innisbrook salamander golf spa resort

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Plus, their Spa service menu has so much to choose from you might want to visit it a couple of times during your stay. 

Packard’s Steakhouse – A Delectable Time

Steak is one of those meals we ONLY enjoy eating out. So when we decide to do a steakhouse dinner, we usually go for the top of the top.

restaurants near innisbrook resort florida

And Packard’s Steakhouse DID NOT disappoint.

Innisbrook Resort has several fantastic restaurants on site. Not only are they varied, but their chefs are award-winning and renowned for their artistic creations.

Serious Food  – Don’t Look if You Are Hungry!

One of my favorite dishes, anywhere I go and who serves, is the Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Shrimp. This one was absolutely heavenly.

I’ve never really been a big eater of lamb chops, but my hubby wanted to give it a try. I think he ended up getting one bite in total. They were beyond words. Sweet and literally melted in our mouths.

dish from packard's steakhouse in tampa fl

A lot of times I say I can survive on good bread and butter. This might have been the case if there weren’t so many other incredible things to choose from.

homemade butter at packard's steakhouse tampa
Homemade Butter

Be ready to come with an insanely huge appetite. I mean, if you can avoid eating for the better part of the day to truly dive into the food here – DO IT.

The portions are incredibly large. Or maybe since we don’t eat steak on a regular basis, they seemed larger than usual.

Living in Guatemala we never have an option for Lobster. It simply doesn’t exist, even in the best restaurants in the country. So I couldn’t resist having a tender Filet Mignon with lobster.

My cut was only six ounces, more than enough, considering I was saving space for dessert.

principal dish from innisbrook steakhouse in tampa fl

Interestingly enough, they also specialize in Game meats, and my husband finally got a chance to taste buffalo.

And then dinner topped off with incredible desserts.

indulgent dessert at packards steakhouse tampa fl


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This one was by far one of the best I have ever tasted EVA’.

packard's steakhouse dessert

List of the Restaurants that are on Innisbrook Golf Resort: 

  • Packard’s Steakhouse – Serving only the finest aged Premium Beef steaks. Offering sumptuous Cold Water Lobster Tails and Fresh Day-Boat Floridian Fish finished with our Chef’s creative touches.
  • Market Salamander Grillé – From health-conscious recipes to traditional Seasonal American Cuisine.
  • Turneberry Pub – Breakfast and lunch – Offers a casual dining experience for the whole family.
  • The Grill At Loch Ness – Featuring grilled sandwiches, salads, monster “dogs” and hamburgers, it offers something for the entire family. Daily drink and food specials are available, and you can watch your favorite team on TVs on the Grill.
  • Osprey Sports Bar

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