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Indications Your Aging Parent Is Stressed

Most people think that older adults who retired are living a good life. Since they have fewer responsibilities, life might become stress-free. Sadly, it is not always the case for seniors. Some seniors encounter a higher level of stress more than they had when they were younger. It is not only emotionally distressing, but it can influence physical health. Being able to understand when your aging parent is feeling stressed can permit you to get the assistance they need.

Aging Parent

What Causes Seniors to Be Stressed?

According to the American Psychological Association, aging adults may face stress for different reasons. such as:

• Movement problems that make it difficult for them to achieve everyday activities of living.

• Having health problems, like heart disease.

• Having less of a feeling of well-being.

• Being less content with life.

They may also bother about being secure at home, worrying about falling, and no one being there to assist. Or, living on an income that is less than they were working might be difficult. They feel stressed at the fact they lose their independence. They think they might be in a home care facility for a long time or with family members. They worry about being responsible for others.

What Are the Signs of Stress?

Chronic stress can result in all kinds of symptoms in older adults, from cognitive ones to physical ones. Some indications your aging parent is feeling stressed are:

• Having difficulty recognizing things.

• Not being able to pay attention.

• Depression.

• Impatience.

• Continuous worrying.

• A negative attitude.

• Physical aches and pains.

• Getting colds or the flu more frequently.

• Digestive symptoms, like diarrhea or nausea.

• Chest pain.

• Rapid heart rate.

• Changes in eating habits.

• Changes in sleeping habits.

• Avoiding socializing with others.

• Drinking alcohol to relax.

• Battling in a nervous habit, like biting fingernails.

Taking action

There are some tips you can make to assure the health of your aging parents, even though they do not live with you. You can do the following:

  • Share your concerns. Raise your anxieties by talking to them. Your worry can urge them to visit a doctor or make other changes. You can also consider bringing some close friends to the house of your aging parents for some small talks. 

  • Consider researching caregiving Franklin Tennessee, or a search tailored to your local area, to find the best in-home care services. This can provide some additional care, taking the stress off not only your parent but yourself if you are the primary caregiver.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for additional help if it’s needed. There are great care centers everywhere. Alternatively, in-home care services like NDIS Service provider in Sydney offer in-home care from 1 to 24 hours per day.
  • Keep strong social connections. Family and friends give their time when difficult times occur, and often simply sharing your thoughts and feelings with them helps reduce the stress you are facing. 
  • Laugh daily. As a senior who encounters stress, perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to handle stress is by laughing daily. A good laugh with your friends and family makes the life of your senior loved ones enjoyable. It is an excellent way to lessen stress and spread good vibes. As a cliché, laughter is the best medicine. 
  • Encourage regular medical checkups. If you are concerned about your parents losing weight, mood swings, memory loss, or other indications, support them by scheduling an appointment with the doctor. You can accompany your parents to the doctor so they can feel safe and protected. Or, if you cannot, ask someone like an in-home caregiver to be with your parents. Making sure that progress nursing notes are kept accurate and up to date will also help. Nursing progress notes are legal records of the medical care a patient receives, along with details of the patient’s welfare and recovery. 
  • Contact the doctor for guidance. If your aging parents refuse your worries, think of reaching the doctor directly. Your insights can help the doctor know what to look for during expected visits. Always be reminded that the doctor may require you to confirm whether he or she has permission to speak with you, which might involve a signed form or a waiver from your parents.

Sometimes aging parents will not accept they cannot do something on their own, and others do not recognize they need aid. That is where you need to come in. Ensure your aging parents know the problem and your suggested solution.

Remind your aging parents that you love and care about them, and you want to help improve their well-being and health, both now and in the future.

Can Home Care Help Lessen Stress?

Home care facilities can help older adults to reduce stress in their lives. Home care providers can ease worries about being alone too much and fear that they may become harmed or sick without others seeing. They can enhance emotional well-being by cheering them up and befriends into the house and being someone your parents can look forward to experiencing. At Senior Buddies, a home care provider can help with many tasks: cooking, cleaning, etc. We allow seniors to stay in their homes longer than they might otherwise be able to. We are professionals; your parents will not need to feel that they are a burden to anyone. Our caregivers are passionate about their chosen vocation. They never let the senior loved one feel alone and forgotten. 

Give us a call now. We are happy to serve you. 

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