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Inca Restaurante Review: Traditional Peruvian Food in Antigua

For the past few months, I’ve passed Inca Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala on many occasions. Each time, I tugged on my husband’s shirt and said – “We have to try this place out, it looks fantastic!” But, as we all know, life gets in the way. Either we are traveling or nursing a sick child.

inside inca restaurant in antigua guatemala
inside inca restaurante in antigua guatemala

Finally – we made it over!

Luis, the owner was our host and he was just delightful.  But the greatest surprise came, as he took us for a tour around his restaurant.

Inca Restaurante Review

From the outside, the Peruvian restaurant looks tiny, as though it’s only one small room. But as you walk deeper into the place, you discover there are 5 – almost – hidden rooms. The first one, after the bar area, is the garden room – that’s where we sat.

bar area from above of the inca restaurante
bar area from above of the inca restaurante

After the Garden room, is the main dining area, with the most amount of tables.

maining dining area
maining dining area

Then comes my favorite rooms of all. It’s not only that the room is isolated, with a fireplace.

chimney room inside the inca resturante in antigua, guatemala
chimney room inside the inca resturante in antigua, guatemala

But it’s the way you get there – through a narrow hallway resembling a tunnel way that the old churches used to have to walk to the convents underground!

ancient hallway inside the inca resturante in antigua, guatemala
ancient hallway inside

The final rooms are upstairs. You can find two more, small rooms – one that overlooks the bar and the other that is almost private with a private bathroom.

What a great layout! But what truly impressed us most was the food. I’ve been to Peruvian restaurants before around Guatemala and Costa Rica. But they were commercialized and served what they thought you wanted to eat.

peruvian restaurant antigua guatemala

Dishes at the Inca Restaurant

Inca Restaurant, is different. They serve true and traditional Peruvian fare! We started off with the Ceviche. Which is totally different than the one we are used to here in Central America.

peruvian restaurant antigua guatemala - peruvian shrimp ceviche

Next we went on to try two main dishes. Each was rich and full in flavor.

Lomo Saltado – Beef Strips Sauteed in a special Peruvian Sauce

peruvian restaurant antigua guatemala - beef peruvian style

Aji de Gallina – Shredded Chicken in a Pecan Cream Sauce – YUM!

peruvian restaurant antigua guatemala - chicken inca style

Overall, it was a truly wonderful experience, and we are already buying gift certificates to share with our friends!

Thanks, Luis, it was delicious.

And don’t forget to check them out on Facebook!


6 thoughts on “Inca Restaurante Review: Traditional Peruvian Food in Antigua

  1. Wow! what a great place to visit. The foods looks fantastic and delicious specially the Ceviche. Love it! Thanks for the post.

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