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The Most Important, Yet Overlooked Factors for UK Visa Application

Are you planning to move to the U.K to study in this educational year? Then it’s time to gear up and apply for your Tier 4 student visa. However, you have seen many of your friends coming back with rejected applications. This might give you the impression that the authorities follow an extremely stringent policy while examining the applications. While this is partially feasible, you should know that some apps get rejected for a little bit of carelessness on the applicant’s part, as well. The little bit of idea in this regard might clear the fog better.Things that everyone should keep in mind when applying to a UK visa.Take a look at my list of travel tips for UK visa application. UK Visa Application

What You Might Not Know

To get your visa approved on time, ensure that you apply at least three months in advance. Also, to avail the UK Visa for students from Hong Kong, you need to have the CAS or the certificate of acceptance for studies. Get it from your preferred institution for research before you apply. However, in case you have a valid BNO or Hong Kong SAR passport, then you would not need to give bank statements or educational certificate. Nevertheless, make sure that you keep them ready because the authorities might ask you to produce them physically at any given time. Plus, make sure that your bank account statement has the needed maintenance fund. And the amount should be there for at least four weeks before the online payment of your student visa. Do not forget to give a certified translated copy of just about any type of document, which is not in English. It is also crucial to fill-in the application form in English only.

Taking Help from Professional Companies

In Hong Kong, there are a few responsible agencies, which would cut down on the hassle of completing the application procedures. They will also take care to make your application as flawless and possible. They can offer services that give you more than what you might have paid for.  For example, they maintain a trained team to pre-check your applications before submitting them. This cuts down on the possibilities of having your applications held up, thus delaying the process by up to 2-4 weeks. The team would also take the responsibility to photocopy, as well as scan the documents and submit them on your behalf. This helps you to save a lot of time. Again, if you are in a real hurry, then your service provider can offer you some value-added services like passport collection and next-day delivery service. And complying with the rat-race in this business, you can expect competitive charges from your service provider.

About Priority Visa Service

The priority visa service is an exclusive benefit that the people from Hong Kong enjoy. It is available for all residents, except for the ones having EEA family permit. If you have some urgent requirement, then this U.K Visa service would allow you to place your application in front of the line. This will allow for faster processing than that of the non-priority claims. However, this hardly guarantees the complete approval of your application. Under any circumstances, your application needs to comply with the UK immigration rules.

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