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4 Must Have Kitchen Knives You Need

There are different types of knives specifically designed to serve different purposes. For instance, the kind of knife that will serve well for cutting bread may not serve well for cutting oranges. It is, therefore, vital that you know the best kind of knife that will meet your needs. Just before we proceed to list the different types of knives and what purpose they can best serve, there’s something you first need to know.There are a ton of types of knives for your kitchen. But, don’t worry, here you can find 4 knives you need to have in your kitchen.

You must have a clear understanding of what you want the knife for. Don’t just go to a Knife Depot to purchase any random knife to serve a random purpose. This may not be the best thing to do. Once you know clearly what you require the knife for, then, you can proceed to choose the most appropriate type that will be suitable for such needs. So, how do you choose the right knife you need? Follow the guides below:

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knives for your kitchen

What knife types do I need?

A chef knife

The blade of this kind of knife is usually between 1½ inches wide and 6 and 14 inches long. A chef knife is also known as a chef’s or cook’s knife. It is characterized by a straight edge and a long, broad blade. It has a curve that is more pronounced close to the tips. This kind of knife allows you to rock back and forth on a chopping board. If you need a knife for cutting meats or chopping lots of vegetables at once, you should go for a chef knife. This knife has a broad heel area allowing it to withstand more pressure. It can, therefore, be used perfectly for harder or thicker food substances such as yam, parsnips, onions, and potatoes. A chef knife is a must-have knife in the kitchen to help you carry out your everyday cooking effectively.

Paring Knife

The blade of a paring knife is usually short; between 2½ and 4 inches long. A paring knife has an edge that looks exactly like the smaller version of a chef’s knife. If you require a knife with a sharp blade that will be perfect for cutting, chopping, and slicing vegetables, this is the knife you should go for. In the absence of a chef knife, a paring knife can be managed to perform other tasks like cutting harder foods such as potatoes and yams. That’s not all about this kind of knife. If you also require a knife to remove seeds from fruits and vegetables, or you need one that will work perfectly for trimming and peeling, a paring knife will be your best choice.

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Bread Knife

This kind of knife has a sharp serrated edge with a long, evenly sized blade. It has a zigzag cutting edge making it a perfect choice for slicing bread without crushing it out of shape. Just as the name implies, it is the perfect knife for cutting bread. Bread knives are designed to have either an offset handle or a classic knife handle. This is meant to prevent your knuckles from knocking the bread as you slice through it. Whether you want a knife to slice your crusty bread, bagels, baguettes, or bread rolls, this kind of knife will do just fine for you. Aside from slicing bread, you can also pick up a bread knife to slice cakes whose textures are soft and fluffy. Bread knives will cut through them without destroying their shapes.

Cleaver or Butcher Knife

A cleaver knife is rectangular in shape. It is a flat, large knife with a thick, heavy blade that narrows to a sharp edge. Butcher knives are made in various sizes depending on what you need them for. Some of these knives are usually designed to have a hole close to the spine of the blade. This will make it easier to hang them up when they are not needed. Just as the name suggested, if you need a knife for butchering, this is the perfect choice for you. This knife also comes in handy when it comes to crushing ginger, or garlic against a chopping board. The primary use of this knife is to cleave or split meat and bone. The heavy design of this knife means it should only be used on raw meats, and not on cooked meats. If used on grilled meat, it can piece the meats beyond expectation. Whether you own your restaurant where you prepare meats, or you just need a knife for chopping meats in your home kitchen, a cleaver or butcher knife will be just fine for you.

To learn more about the type of knife you can use for a specific task, you should visit a knife depot.

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