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Ideas for Your Vacation to the Pacific Coast

The West Coast has long been a desired destination as the allure of old Hollywood glamour, beautiful weather, and special events brings people of all backgrounds to the acclaimed “West Coast Best Coast.” There are endless opportunities for adventure on the Pacific Coast, and it can be quite overwhelming to decide what options should head to the top of your must-see list. When heading out to the great big West, it is important to have a schedule, but don’t get too caught up in following your itinerary exactly and allow yourself to let loose and follow your adventurous heart. There are endless opportunities for adventure on the Pacific Coast.Here are some ideas for your next vacation to the Pacific Coast.

Relax at a luxury hotel.

Vacation to the Pacific Coast

If you’re heading to Southern California, it is known best for its love of luxury. Los Angeles hotels include five-star glamorous locations like the Intercontinental Hotel located in Downtown Los Angeles with a view of the entire city. You can check out Spire 73, which is the tallest open-air bar in the Western Hemisphere and features panoramic views of all of Los Angeles. You can also look into historic hotels like the Millennium Biltmore, which was home to the famous Academy Awards during the 1930s and 1940s. Perhaps you’re the kind who likes to transport into the moment, so immerse yourself in the Old Hollywood glamour and find a flapper-style dress at a local secondhand store and dance the night away.

Head out for animal adventures.

Vacation to the Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is full of adventure for the animal lover in your family. The Aquarium of the Pacific is a top attraction for both locals and tourists. You and your children will love the exhibits featuring animals from the frigid waters of the Northern Pacific, including penguins, sea otters, seals, and sharks. Find out the fascinating truth about these beautiful yet mysterious animals and their importance to our ocean planet.

Dance it out at a music festival.

Vacation to the Pacific Coast

California is known for offering the most well-known and immaculate music festivals around the world. Coachella is a household name and offers not one but two weekends to dance the night away with friends and strangers alike. Other major festivals that the Pacific Coast is home to are Outside Lands in San Francisco for the rock lover, Beyond Wonderland at The Gorge in Washington for the EDM shuffler, and Aftershock in Sacramento for the headbanging metal head. In this diverse part of the world, there is a genre and community for everyone.

Camp out at the many national parks.

Vacation to the Pacific Coast

One of the most unique aspects of the Pacific Coast is how quickly the terrain changes. You can be driving through the snow in Big Bear only to be treading through the desert in Joshua Tree only a few hours later. California alone is home to nine national parks, including the world-famous Yosemite National Park located in Northern California. Be sure to check COVID-19 regulations and remain safe and cautious as you travel throughout the West Coast.

Jump into extreme sports.

Vacation to the Pacific Coast

For the thrill-seeker in your family, there are many options to strap up and jump into an adrenaline rush. The North offers major snow-related activities ranging from skiing, snowboarding, and sledding at the home of the 1962 Winter Olympics in the Sierra Nevada mountains around Lake Tahoe. If you’re more inclined to don a wet suit rather than a snowsuit, cities like Santa Cruz all the way down to San Diego offer some of the best surfing in the world.

The Pacific Coast is an opportunity for a personal journey of dis

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