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Ideas for an Entertaining Trip to Madrid with Kids

Madrid is a huge, beautiful, and endlessly fun city to explore. There are so many sights to see and activities to try that budget and time will be your only limitations. Otherwise, you can spend months in the city and still discover something new every day.Top things to do in Madrid with kids on a family vacation that will keep everyone entertained.Take a look at this list of Madrid tour.

Traveling to Madrid with kids is a fantastic experience for the entire family. However, you do need to adjust your travel plans to keep them entertained to ensure all of you get maximum fun out of the experience. When our family explored Madrid, we visited quite a few places and the Real Madrid Stadium Tour was a definite highlight for my sons. All of us also enjoyed the Telefico de Madrid – Madrid’s Cableway adventure enormously. Though that one is more on the expensive side.

Madrid with Kids

So, these are two attractions I think everyone should try when traveling with kids. However, if you have the time, or if your children are more fond of other activities, unlike my little football fans, I also suggest these amazing places:

Places to Visit in Madrid with Kids

Zoo Aquarium Madrid

Madrid with Kids

I’ve yet to seek a kid who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the zoo. And Madrid definitely offers one of the best zoos out there. The Zoo Aquarium Madrid is a 20-hectare piece of land filled with magnificent animals from all corners of the earth. It’s located in Casa de Campo, which is a must-see sight by default. Free walking tours in Madrid usually include it in their itinerary, so you can add one to your day’s adventure plan.

There are many fun activities available on different days and you can use the Plan Your Visit feature on their website to see what’s on.

This experience is great fun for both adults and kids and will be a great opportunity to learn a lot of interesting facts about animals. I know I’ve learned a lot from it and my sons were immensely impressed.

Highlights of the Visit

  • Seeing real koalas in an emulation of their natural habitat.
  • Admiring majestic pandas. I also learned that the first panda cub born in captivity from artificial insemination came from the couple of pandas gifted to the Spanish King in 1978.
  • Being thoroughly impressed with the collection of primates that range from gorillas to lemurs. These creatures are truly incredible and words fail me when I try to describe what a privilege it was to be near them.

Information About Zoo Aquarium Madrid Experience

  • The zoo contains over 6000 animals.
  • The zoo was opened in 1770 and is one of the largest in the world.
  • There are tickets for children and adults as well as Ticket + Menu deals available. The latter includes a meal from one of the fast food restaurants located within the territory of the zoo. However, that costs about €108 per a family of two adults and two juniors (ages 3-7). A regular ticket can cost about €17 on the days with discounts.

National Museum of Natural Sciences

This museum is magnificent and has something exciting to offer to visitors of any age. My entire family enjoyed it greatly. The fact that the ticket costs under €10 didn’t hurt any either. There are controlled lab experiments and guided tours designed specifically for kids. Though, I admit, I loved them as much as my boys.

Information About Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales – Natural Museum of Natural Sciences

  • It was opened in 1772 and its original collection (donated by a Spanish merchant) was so extensive, it was split to open several other museums. It has been growing since that day incorporating modern tech into the museum’s tours.
  • The museum building is actually part Engineering School of the Madrid Technical University.
  • The museum has several departments, including volcanology, which was most interesting to learn about for us.
  • The tickets cost €6 or €3 for students, the unemployed, and kids 6-14.

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Places to Visit in Madrid with Kids

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