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How to Visit Florence on a Budget

Florence is a place filled with after-effects of the Renaissance period. Whether trying out delicious food or admiring the exquisite architectural designs, adventure awaits at every corner in Florence, even if you are on a budget. With many exciting hotel deals in Florence, Italy, now would be the perfect opportunity to start thinking about spending a few nights there within your limited budget and still fully experience what the magnificent city has to offer.Visit Florence on a Budget a few nights and still fully experience what the magnificent city has to offer.Here are hotel deals in Florence.

Visit Florence on a Budget

Look out for early hotel deals.

It is always better to book yourself a bedroom in Florence early to give yourself the best chance of getting a deal. And if you book ahead, the options are endless, with packages that include both stay and experience. Of course, something like a complimentary breakfast is another thing that could keep you on a budget. Otherwise, plan your trip in the off-season, as that’s when more and more eye-watering hotel deals in Florence, Italy, pops up. 

Moreover, choosing hotels around the city center will allow you to walk to many Florentine attractions like the Uffizi Gallery and Giotto’s Bell Tower. You may even get a room with a view of Brunelleschi’s Dome without paying a fortune. 

Take the train to arrive in Florence.

If you want a real bargain, arrive by train and expose yourself to the region’s natural beauty even before you enter the city. It is much cheaper than cars and helps protect the environment simultaneously. If you take the flights, find some deals on tram tickets from the airport.

Taking the train is also great if you want to live outside the bustling city and commute into it to enjoy its glories. The olive groves and the rolling hills outside the train window will offer a visual solace without breaking your bank throughout your stay. 

Cut down on sightseeing costs.

Florence is so fantastic that every corner, every piazza and building feels like an attraction. Therefore, just walking around its many streets is a great sightseeing opportunity. For instance, Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence, and it wouldn’t cost a dime to walk over it. There are also many museums and parks with free entry, while the free sunset show at the Piazza Michelangelo would cheer anyone up. 

Another great way to minimize the costs of visiting Florence is to buy a Firenze Card. Valid for 72 hours, it offers access to more than 70 museums, gardens, and villas for €85. You can also add free bus tickets for the same period for an additional €7.

Finally, eat and shop at Mercato Centrale.

Just because you are on a budget, you don’t have to refrain from indulging in the delights of Florentine cuisines. Just head over to the Mercato Centrale, and you will get a plethora of local delicacies and ingredients to fill your belly. For shopping, head out to the streets around the market and grab yourself some high-quality, inexpensive clothes and souvenirs. You won’t regret it. 

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