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How To Travel With CBD Safely

Step inside of a local dispensary anywhere in North America and it’s likely you’ll be facing a modern, sleek, interior, with high tech gadgets in fancy cases. Shopping for cannabis today is an experience that’s a far cry from the days where one would visit tiny shops decked out in green marijuana leaves, with bongs on display.The fact that not every single car’s contents go through a scanner also makes it easier to transport With CBD Safely products with you. 

But although cannabis is becoming more prevalent in North America –becoming legal in Canada in 2018, and across multiple states in the U.S.– there still hasn’t been a definitive Cibdol guide made available for users, especially those who travel.

Travel With CBD Safely

The crux of the matter is that cannabis isn’t limited to smoking joints, or to users solely getting high. The cannabis plant can be used for its many properties, and producers and consumers are investing into a market that has cannabis infused bath and body products, condiments and wellness remedies, for example.

The TSA last updated it’s guidelines for flying with medical marijuana in 2018, and according to Huffington Post, FDA-approved medications that have CBD, as well as hemp-derived CBD products are allowed by fliers in carry-on and checked baggage.

And according to the update, “CBD items must contain less than 0.3% THC and be approved by the FDA in line with the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.”

What this means is that you should only travel with CBD oil that isn’t derived from marijuana, which will contain much more THC than what is allowed.

Without spending too much time on the lingo and science behind the differences in strains of the cannabis plant, according to this new TSA update, CBD is federally legal when it contains less than the permitted amount of THC. It also can’t be sold as a food, drink or cosmetic additive.

Besides choosing to not fly with CBD at all, here’s how to travel safely with CBD in these confusing times.

The easiest way to have more control over your CBD products and travel plans would be to opt out of flying all together, at least until federal and state laws are more aligned with one another. Driving through states or borders isn’t necessarily less strict than airport security, but there is often a lot more flow between land borders making the process a quicker one. 

The fact that not every single car’s contents go through a scanner also makes it easier to transport your CBD products with you. 

But do remember, that in many states, cannabis in any shape or form is not legal to be transported or consumed privately. 

Checking the state laws will be a great boon to your travel plans, but more importantly, checking in with local vendors, or on forum websites about how the cannabis laws are enforced. As well, keeping an eye on changing agreements or laws between states as cannabis and CBD products become more readily mainstream, will help you stay on top of avoiding a sticky legal situation in a time where many lawyers aren’t able to decipher and work within the changing landscape of cannabis in America.

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