How to Travel the World as a Teacher

Traveling as a teacher sounds impractical and difficult.

Many teachers feel constrained in their teaching environments and restricted because of their jobs.

But if you’re willing to come out of your comfort zone, it is completely possible to fulfill your dream of traveling with some research and creative strategies!

Making the switch to a different teaching position or applying for grants will give you the flexibility and funds you require for travel.

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Let us take a look at how you can travel the world as a teacher.

Come Up With Saving Strategies

Money is a major factor that stops teachers from traveling.

Thankfully smart financial planning can enable you to travel even to other countries.

Try coming up with creative strategies which will help you save more money for your travel fund.

Teaching full-time and traveling on holidays is one-way teachers can enjoy the full benefits of their work. 

Cut down on short trips throughout the year and take one big trip to the place you have always wanted to visit. The money you save from the short trips will help you fund your big one!

When you visit places, look for cheap accommodations which offer a good range of amenities. Hostels are one of the best budget options which offer safe accommodation with options for food.

You can also practice simple money-saving tips like using public transport and eating out less.

Small savings go a long way!

Apply For Travel Grants And Scholarships

Many teachers are unaware of the existence of travel grants and scholarships.

They can help pay for your transportation, stay, accommodation and even food in some cases.

In order to be eligible for such programs, you need to join a research group, initiate a research project, or teach classes internationally.

You can search for private grants which are offered for independent research trips or government-funded travel grants which are often provided for humanistic research projects.

These grants often provide a generous amount of money so do thorough research to find one which meets your requirements.

Teach Abroad

This is one of the most common and successful ways to travel as a teacher.

If you love the idea of traveling and teaching abroad full-time, consider enrolling in an international educational institution.

This opportunity is specially accessible to English teachers since there is always demand for teachers in foreign countries.

Several countries offer positions for international teachers. The requirements for each vary, but the basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification.

Online Teaching

If you don’t want to physically move to another country to teach, you can always consider online teaching options. You can even teach English online with a TEFL certification. If you don’t have this certification, get one online after completing your TEFL course.

The pay is often higher than traditional teaching positions, especially if you are holding private tuition for students.

Some key advantages of online teaching include,

  • Flexible Work Hours – Flexible work hours are probably one of the biggest advantages. If you have ever felt restricted from traveling because of your job, this is a perfect opportunity for you. In private tutoring, you can even set your own hours, which will give you more freedom.
  • Creative Teaching – You can incorporate several creative teaching options for your students. Some of these include virtual reality, games, and innovative assignments. Teaching will become an enjoyable experience for you rather than a burden.

Online teaching gives you increased savings and more time on your hands. This will give you the opportunity to travel more!

Travel With Your Students

This is one of the best ways to know your students better.

You can take up the initiative to organize a group trip for leisure or study purposes. There are ways to get creative with this – for example if you are a Geography teacher you can plan a trip to the place you are currently teaching about.

This is also an opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and visit new places.

Your students will appreciate your efforts as well!


If you have teacher friends who travel, get in contact with them to know how they manage their teaching and traveling schedules.

They will probably have information that you are unaware of and can help you find options for yourself.

Last Updated on October 18, 2023

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