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How to Travel Smart – Travel Tips and Advice

Travel is necessary. And here’s why. As children, we are given recess at school. 15 minutes here and an enforced lunch break there. As adults, any free time between tasks is spent getting a head start on other tasks. The number of people who don’t take breaks at work, or who spend those breaks doing things like sorting out their car insurance or arranging birthday parties or doing more work, is staggering. Travel is a break from it all.How to Travel Smart and make your vacation a lot more relaxed.This is a list that will allow you to learn the basics about How to Travel Smart.

How to Travel Smart

However, travel attracts tourists. This is a problem where unaccustomed road users can cause accidents – tourists don’t know the roads and can often be seen driving while looking around, rather than focusing their attention on the road ahead – call a Murfreesboro car accident lawyer if you are affected by a road accident.

3 Tips on How to Travel Smart 

Beware public Wi-Fi

If you don’t know what a VPN is (and I’m not even going to tell you what the letters stand for, because you either know or you don’t), then you probably aren’t savvy with protecting your devices when accessing public Wi-Fi. To this end, you should endeavor to either learn more about VPNs, or you should approach public Wi-Fi with caution. Why? Because hackers like to hang out in public Wi-Fi areas, on the virtual lookout for unprotected devices – hackers know how to access your private information where your device is visible on a public Wi-Fi network via an unsecured connection. Perhaps use your roaming data until you’re certain you understand how to stay protected (otherwise, you could receive a call from your bank to let you know about suspicious activity on your account).

Update your friends and family (before you leave)

You no doubt have an itinerary. It may not be much, just a list of loosely probable days on which you plan to travel between hotels. But it’s something. That vague list is an indication of at least which city or country you’re likely to be in at any given time. Obviously, the fuller the list that you’re able to compile, the greater the chance of your friends and family being able to intervene if something were to go wrong. That may sound a little scary, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Get into the habit of securing your hotel room door (especially when showering)

Again, this may come across as more scare mongering, but again, it’s always worth getting into the habit of covering all your bases rather than later regretting that you could have done more. In terms of securing your hotel room door, use any deadbolts and door stops, and don’t be too put off by your brain telling you that you’re going too far by putting a chair under the door handle. You see, some unscrupulous seasonal staff at the hotel may wait until you are in the shower to use their keycard to gain access to your room, where they will fill their pockets with swag and exit as if nothing ever happened. And if you did hear something, you’re unlikely to give chase from the shower!

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