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How to Travel on Budget in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica, is a notable country and tourist spot in Central America. It is renowned for its numerous enthralling landmarks and destinations that appeal to thousands of travelers globally. Thus, it remains one of the most-visited and toured nations in the Central American region. 

Costa Rica remains embraced by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It lies at the forefront of ecotourism owing to its abundant wildlife and rich biodiversity. Besides that, the scenic beauty of the place and the Costa Rican vacation homes enhance a trip experience to the country.  

  1. Exchange Currencies Wisely to Avoid High Fees

The currency used in Costa Rica is the colon (₡), and ₡600-700 is equivalent to approximately one US dollar. The best way to exchange a currency for a colon is by your bank’s ATM network or other affiliated banks. It can be done in Costa Rica or before the trip. The process helps eliminate unnecessary and excessive fees. 

Nonetheless, US dollars in smaller bills of $20 also remain widely accepted in Costa Rica. They can be used only at airport taxi stands, hotels, restaurants, and other places where the transaction processing happens through a computer. It ensures accurate exchange rates. 

  1. Costa Rica Budget Friendly Vacation Homes

Statistically, Costa Rica is a highly affordable and cheap place. It offers rent and housing at a low price, reducing the burden on the pocket. On top of that, you can find numerous Costa Rican vacation homes at modest rates and with desirable features. 

Most vacation homes in Costa Rica offer everything you may desire and require despite their cheap rates. Thus, they will have bedding, bathing, cleaning, and other necessary facilities. Some accommodations may also come with a cooking space. 

Renting a vacation home in Costa Rica works better for the budget you set than staying at a hotel. 

  1. Consider a Work Exchange

Work exchange or voluntourism is a system where an individual can exchange their skills, abilities, and time in return for accommodation at a lower rate or for free. In Costa Rica, you will be able to find numerous hosts who are ready to provide you with a living space and even food under this concept. 

Generally, work exchange entails assisting and supporting accommodation providers for a particular number of hours every week. You may require your vocational or technical skills for it. It can include abilities and dexterities in teaching, cooking, gardening, etc. In exchange, you can get several benefits. 

  1. Go for Cheapest Hostels

This point will require some research but will yield significant results. Several hostels in Costa Rica offer accommodation with multiple benefits at a considerably low cost. However, extensive search and investigation into the matter can help you find the best one. You will like the facilities provided by the hostels and the price at which they do so. 

A few days of all-encompassing research will allow you to find the cheapest hostels no matter where you decide to stay in Costa Rica. Furthermore, you will be able to avail of all the services and amenities you desire and require. 

  1. Eat Local Foods and Drinks

High-end restaurants and dining spaces prove exceedingly costly if you wish to travel on a budget. They can drain your pockets if you do not manage your finances appropriately. A tour of Costa Rica is no exception to the case. 

Thus, it is better to eat and drink at the local joints. The prices at these dining spaces cater to the locals and are significantly low. On top of that, most dishes served at these places are either specialties of Costa Rica or general food anyone can enjoy. Also, you will be able to get your orders fast and hot.

  1. Transport in Costa Rican Public Bus

You will find that the best and most affordable way to get around and tour Costa Rica is by bus. The system offers a navigable and reliable way to get to various parts of the country. In addition, the vehicles run frequently. Private cars are not so recommendable as some roads can be tricky and arduous to drive through. 

In Costa Rica, two shuttle companies named Gary Line and Interbus offer buses that go to almost all the notable and significant towns and cities across the country. They even go to a few destinations and landmarks located in off-road places. 

A Few Budget-Friendly Activities


Costa Rica is one of the best countries in the world to surf. It can get owed to the warm water and the perfect swelling of the water that promotes the sport. Anyone, from beginners to professionals, can partake in the activity here. 

Another beneficial aspect of surfing in Costa Rica is its affordability. You can purchase all tools and equipment required for the sport at a considerably low cost. For instance, you can rent surfboards for anywhere between $10 to $25 per day. Also, you can enroll in group surfing lessons of 2 hours for fees starting at $45. 

Do Hiking in the National Parks of Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, hiking is one such activity that offers an incredible and memorable experience. You can enjoy the stunning and captivating scenery, nature, and landmarks as you walk through the National Parks of the country. In addition, you can set the difficulty level of your hikes.

Hiking in Costa Rica is an affordable activity. You merely need to pay a small amount as the entrance fee to get well-maintained and beautiful hiking trails. Nevertheless, many paths remain free to access. Furthermore, you can eliminate the guide costs of all Costa Rican hiking trails owing to their perfect direction markings. 

Take a Tour of a Local Coffee Plantation

Costa Rica is renowned for its coffee which offers a taste and aroma of the highest standard. The beans, named Grano de Oro, are exceedingly famous globally for their high quality. Thus, several local coffee plantations across the country remain dedicated to growing the beans. 

As a part of the country’s tourism, Costa Rica offers visits and tours of the local coffee plantations. There, you can learn about the rich history of coffee and understand the growing, harvesting, and processing methods. The tours, which generally take 1.5 hours, are cheap. Adults can avail of them for as less as $30. 

Explore the Free Waterfalls in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has several mesmerizing and spellbinding waterfalls. They offer a stunning view embraced within nature. You will need a short trek or hike to reach some of them, making the experience even better. 

The waterfalls are open and free to access for everyone. In other words, you will not need to pay anything to enjoy the view. At the falls, you can have a relaxing time by dipping your feet in the water. 

On top of that, you can go for a waterfall shower. Otherwise, you can swim in the water accumulated below for a memorable and relaxing time.

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