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How to Teach English in Thailand with TEFL Certification

English is the most spoken language on earth at the moment and many people want to learn the language. However, before you can teach the language, you need to get the right papers. Let’s start by stating that teaching abroad is not just an opportunity to earn some money, you get to explore new countries and cultures from all over the world. While everything might not be as easy as it is made out to be on the socials, there are some pretty good advantages of teaching English abroad. In this case, it is the TEFL certification. Here is how you can get the TEFL Certification so you can teach English abroad.

TEFL Certification

Get Your Papers In Order

When you want to teach abroad, there are certain requirements that other countries require from you and there are requirements you need before taking up a course. This includes things like being 18 years of age, you have the right legal documents and you speak English on some level.

One misconception you need to get straightened is that just because you speak English you are eligible for the job. No, you are not. Some complexities come with teaching a language and you should know about them by taking the course.

Look For A TEFL Course

Numerous sites and institutions are offering TEFL courses for anyone with the determination to learn. That said, you need to shop around for a course that is most affordable to you and one you can easily access. The most common courses are offered to go for either 120 hours, 180 hours, and 240 hours. You might want to take the TEFL course in Chiang Mai, Bangkok or other big cities. If you learn part-time, this is roughly 11 weeks. Based on your flexibility, the budget you have, and many other factors that could make the progress of the course work or fail. Between you decide on a course to take, ask or consult with more than one TEFL course and weigh the options.

Enroll For A TEFL Course

Once you have decided what you want, enroll and commit to learning. The course is a bit rigorous to ensure you get the right skills to be a teacher. Get the materials as you would a student in school i.e notebooks, pens et al. Get your game face on and get cracking!

Complete The Course And Get The Certificate

Getting a TEFL certification can be easy whether you are in London or Chang Mai, so do not fret if you think other people have a higher chance of making it more than you do. The job market is rich with opportunity, so after you get a certification, you can now comfortably await placement in the country you want.

Take Interviews

Once you complete the course, you need to take interviews for the jobs you are told are available. No, jobs do not just find you at home, you have to interview to be hired. Employers need to know you before they hire you, so, sit through the interviews, be professional, and wait to be hired.

Teaching English is a fun job and once you get the certification, you are well on your way into world travel as a part of your job.


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