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How to Take Award-Worthy Travel Photos

About to jet off around the world? Whether living abroad, becoming a digital nomad, or traveling as an Instagram influencer, here’s how you can take better travel pics. 

Making every day an adventure is the name of the game, but taking lasting pictures to remember it with is the aim. No matter where you travel to – from Australia to Bali – better photographs will help you remember it for all the years to come. Your smiling face will be what people remember you by when you are gone. You can never take too many photos… unless they are bad ones. 

Use these tips to create fantastic photographs to commemorate your travels in a worthy way. Instagram influencer? No problem, these tips could help you grow your following.

Top Tips for Taking Better Travel Pics

Try the following tricks of the trade to perk up your photographs. 

Make PNGs

Traditionally your phone camera will take a picture and save it as a .JPG for pics or a .MPEG4 for video files. .PNG files are photographs that can produce transparency. Make your travel pictures far more interesting by isolating features, cutting them out, and giving them a transparent background. This is how you make isolated images that are perfect for collages and montages. You can download an online png maker to help you create .png files of your own.

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Think about Timing

When you are basking in sunlight, it’s never a good time to whip out the smartphone. When we can’t see the screen, we are destined for bad photographs. Instead, use the golden hours of early morning when the sky is gorgeous blue, and dusk, when the sun is setting, to create idyllic holiday shots. 

Don’t Do Only a Couple of Shots

Top best, number 1 most successful photography tip ever: do not take all your holiday snaps as a couple. If you have been with your partner for a number of years or if you are married to a family together, that’s a different story. However, if you are on your first holiday with your boyfriend, don’t do it.

Wait a few years before you take only a couple’s shots. If you two break up, you lose precious pictures from the whole holiday. You don’t want to see his face, so you don’t look at them ever again. Take solo shots to remember it by, just in case.

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Use Thirds

There is an interesting theory in photography where the camera operator splits the world before them into thirds. If you split a picture into thirds, you should have one-third sky, one-third of an object, and one-third ground, or something thereabouts. Splitting your picture into thirds makes it more interesting to the eye.

Stay Parallel

The human eye draws towards patterns. It is immediately drawn to lines that do not look straight. If your lines are not parallel, you should adjust and try again. Horizontal lines can cut vertically if you think about the placement. Stay away from squinted lines. Humans naturally hate them.

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