How to stop wasting food in 2022?

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Eating a wide variety of food with your loved ones like family and friends is the joy of life. People who consume a balanced and healthy diet get less sick and have few infections. But each year a ton of food is wasted globally, we need to stop wasting our food and that starts at home! Here you can find some tips to avoid wasting food.

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Waste of food globally

For some beings, food waste has turned into a propensity, to purchase more food than is essential for us at markets, letting fruits and vegetables spoil at home, or buying more than we can eat.

These habits put additional shortages on resources like water, seeds and it gets difficult to feed people in need. The waste of food also plays a lead role in environmental changes.

Reducing food waste and loss is important in our current reality where a large number of people go hungry every day. 

At this point, when we reduce waste, we revere that food is not provided for the large numbers of beings who go hungry and starve every day in their life. 

It depends on the human race to change and improve our habits to make food least wasted.

How can we stop wasting food?

Here are some simple actions you can make to stop wasting food: 

  1. Adopt a better, healthy, and maintainable diet

Life is short and planning nutritious and healthy food can be challenging, but healthy suppers don’t need to be intricate. The internet is full of quick recipes that you can impart to your loved ones.

  1. Buy only what you need

Plan your suppers. Prepare a shopping list and avoid hasty purchases, not only will you squander less food, it will be cost-effective and you can save more money. 

It is projected that more than half of seafood gets squandered. Avoid buying seafood that you are not going to use in a day or two.

  1. Store food carefully

Use hermetically sealed containers to keep food or cooked meals in the refrigerator and make sure the containers are sealed to prevent bugs from getting in and keep them fresh.

  1. Understanding food labeling

There’s a big difference between “best before” and “use-by” dates. At times food is as yet safe to eat after the best before dates, though it’s the used-by dates that let you know when it is at the point not to eat.

Check food tags for unhealthy ingredients, for example, additives and Trans fats, and stay away from food with sugar.

  1. Sharing is caring

Giveaway food before it gets squandered or wasted. For instance, neighbors provide food to needy people and feed them, provide leftovers to animals, but not discarded or thrown away.

  1. Recycled food packages

Materials for packing food like boxes and wraps can be recycled to remake valuable paper items like newspapers, egg trays, and cardboard.
Bamboo has become a significant material used for packaging. It’s an eco-friendly material that replaces metal, plastic, and cotton. It can be recycled and grows fast.

  1. Meal kit services

Meal kit services are solutions to several problems. Many people order fast food and then perceive the unnecessary calories and fat. On other hand, some people cook at home but are not pleased by the efforts they put in to cook a healthy meal, or can’t find new and exciting recipes. 

Nowadays, meal kit services can be a key to these issues, they have earned the reputation as it’s a solution for no waste food and a healthy diet.

Meal kit platforms like Little Spoon use the best quality and fresh ingredients purchased from the world’s best farmers or suppliers for their consumers. 

With ingredients, the packaging is also important as consumers ask for fresh meals, these companies make sure that the packages are sized precisely to the meals in them to avoid food getting squandered.

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Why should we stop wasting food?

Save your money by saving meals, however, look at the bigger picture, saving food from getting wasted is good for the climate too as it slows down global warming.

Wasted food in dumps creates methane when bacteria decomposes, which is much stronger than CO2. By making sure to consume and not waste food, you’ll be looking after the environment.

  1. It can’t be donated to the ones in need

Nearly half of all fruits and vegetables grown worldwide are wasted annually.
Even if one-quarter of the food right now is squandered or lost could be carefully saved, it would be enough to take care and feed the above 800 million hungry humans in the world.

  1. Waste of land is waste of food

When the food is scrapped, so is the land where the crops are grown, farmer hard word, and other contributions in prepping, production, and transportation.

Every human being is a part of saving food to look after the planet as they say the answer is simple and the time is now: “waste less, share more.”
Did you know food wasted in wealthy countries is almost equal to all of the food grown in Africa? And the estimated amount for wasted food or lost food is around $1 trillion dollars.

  1. Wasting food doesn’t go easy on the pockets

‘Love food, hate waste’ is a promotion in the direction to reduce food waste. It helps in planning meals, shopping smartly, and recipes you can make with leftovers
For example, carrots can be used to make carrot soup, chicken bones and vegetable scraps can be used to make stock soup – rich with vitamins that help the body to stay hydrated.

food tray with rice meat and ome veggies

Consumption of healthy meals means eating a variety of food in the amount recommended. Larger servings mean we end up consuming extra or we waste more, with Little Spoon promo codes you can reduce food waste and maintain a healthy diet by having above 30 different dishes to choose from every week.

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James Logan mastered culinary arts from Deakin University, Melbourne. He worked as a continental chef for two decades and now he likes to share the recipes and experience he earned all these years.

Last Updated on May 7, 2022

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