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How to Stay Safe While Traveling Alone?

Traveling alone helps people find themselves and learn how to deal with unexpected situations. The world’s biggest philosophers were frequent travelers or wanderers. They searched for the meaning of life in traveling.Stay Safe While Traveling Alone are important to enjoy your travel and also come back home safely after the trip.

Stay Safe While Traveling Alone

Still, every person should take certain precautions while traveling to make their journey safe. Traveling alone is as dangerous as it is adventurous. There are several setbacks from bloodthirsty mosquitoes to kidnappers aiming at the wanderers.

You need to take extra precautions when you travel alone because there are hazardous networks operating in every country targeting unsuspecting tourists. They will try to harm you in every way possible if you are alone in an unfamiliar country with little knowledge about the local language, laws and situations. 

Top Ten Tips for Traveling Safe Alone

Following these ten tips will pave the way for a safe journey no matter which part of the world you are traveling. Pay attention to your health, wealth and the relationships you create on the go to be secure and make your traveling memorable.

Stay in touch: Plan your trip precisely and inform your near and dear ones about every address, place and area you will visit. Give them clear contact details of the places you plan to stay at, people you will probably get in touch with and your personal number. Talk to them regularly at a particular hour of the day to assure them you are safe.

Instant contact: Inform about any last-minute changes through instant messaging or calling. It is important to let someone know you are journeying safely while you are on the go in a different place. If anything is amiss, they will know you are in trouble and will seek the right help.

Food safety: Pay high attention to your health while traveling. Know your limits while testing new drinks or food. Stick to a particular brand of water easily available in the places you visit to escape sore throat and stomach problems. It’s always better to pay a bit more for a sealed bottle than buy a cheaper drink on the street and get sick.

Reconsider local cuisine choice: It is very tempting to explore local delicacies and visit places that are famous for authentic cuisine when you travel. But some of the items they use might not suit your body. The last thing you want to do when you are traveling alone is get sick after eating a spoiled shrimp. Pay attention to food and stick to standard brands when you are traveling alone to stay on the safer side.

Place over palate: Most of the big food brands are available in all the major cities, no matter which part of the world you visit. If you are traveling to interior places, take a bread packet and some high-quality snacks and protein bars with you to avoid eating in second-rated places.

Concentrate on sightseeing rather than filling your palate. Enjoy new food when you travel with friends or family as they will take care of you if there is an allergic reaction or an unwanted side effect.

Medications: Have some medications handy for simple ailments like stomach upset, loose motion, common cough and cold. Keep stock of your regular allergy medications. Have an indication about any important medicines you are allergic to on your wallet.

Take things like bug spray, mosquito bite ointment and skincare patches with you if you are going on an adventure trip. It is wise to have a small first aid box in your bag with some bandages and ointments to dress wounds. Take the necessary vaccination as some countries make it mandatory for people visiting them. It’s not just about documents, it’s about your health.

Be alert: High vigilance is necessary when you travel alone to ensure nobody cheats you or steals your belongings. Trust your instincts and talk only with the necessary people. Do not give away too much information about yourself to any stranger. Arrange guides and local help through the hotel you are staying in or through trustworthy friends.

Money: Keep money and cards in various places instead of storing them in one single place. Sew an extra set of pockets into your vest or undergarments to store emergency money and an extra mobile. Avoid roaming in risky areas at odd hours.

Emergency contact: Research the place you are going to and learn about the best timings to catch local transport or the safe time to visit the important places. It will help you avoid getting isolated from the crowd which decreases the chance of getting kidnapped or robbed. Know about the basic police procedures in the area and the emergency numbers to contact.

Acquaintance: If you know someone in the place you are visiting, drop a message to them about your arrival. If possible, pay a trip to their home, give them a small gift and arrange for a homestay for a couple of days. It is quite interesting to use homestays while visiting a place rather than staying in a hotel.

Meeting new people is also inevitable, especially if you’re an outgoing person. But don’t give away too much about yourself until you know new people well. Remember basic safety tips like not going in a stranger’s car or inviting them over right away. Be cautious and do some research on those people to see if they are being genuine – at least look for their social media accounts. Use Nuwber to run a quick search if the person is from the US. This will allow you to see if the person is being honest about themselves. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Following these ten points will help you take care of your health, protect your money properly and choose the right people to create a lasting relationship with when you travel alone. Travel safety is not a guide because it can be mastered only through experience. 

Be Ready for The Unexpected

The joy of traveling lies in learning, growing and having silly things to laugh about when you think about the trip. Do not stress too much about having a perfect trip as you will miss the surprising enjoyments of uncertainty.

No trip is perfect and there will be lots of unpredictable things happening to disrupt your plan. Hence, taking all these safety measures are important to enjoy your travel and also come back home safely after the trip.  Remember that safety comes first, unexpected things always happen and the journey still continues with all its pomp and glory.

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