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How to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Spending lots of hours traveling can be exhausting. Ever traveled long distances via plane and felt dehydrated? Yes, it happens to many. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling by road, rail, plane or going for a cruise; you’ll need to stay hydrated all through for you to stay healthy.

Stay Hydrated

When we talk of hydration, what comes into most peoples’ minds is water. But is water the only solution to keep you dehydrated when on the go?

Not really.

Although water is the best solution for dehydration, certain foods work the magic as well. They’ll not only dehydrate you but also sustain your body fluids and ensure that you stay satisfied for longer.

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In this guide, we discuss the tips to help you stay hydrated when traveling.

Bring an empty water Bottle

If traveling by plane, you won’t be able to carry liquids over 3.4 ounces past security. And instead of purchasing a bottle of water at the airport, why not bring one in your carry-on bag? In addition, you could also include a hydration supplement such as a phytoplankton supplement, to help balance electrolytes, support alertness, and counteract fatigue whilst traveling.

Once you’ve passed through security, fill it in on your way to your gate. Refill it before boarding since airplane cabins have low levels of humidity.

Avoid sugary drinks

Although sugary drinks might quench your thirst for a short time, the sugars later siphon out your body’s water storage. And how do they do that? By making your organs work extra hard to process them(sugars).

Taking sugary drinks will make you lose more water than you gain.

Carry a portable water dispenser with you

Traveling with friends on a camping trip? You need to bring a portable water dispenser with you. With it, you are assured of clean and safe water for drinking.

The good thing about these dispensers is that they have enough capacity to store enough water to keep you hydrated for at least 2 days. If you don’t have a portable water dispenser, you can purchase one from an online shop.

Skip the bar

While it might be a little tempting to stop at the airport bar for a quick drink, let the urge pass by indulging in a healthier alternative.

Alcohol is highly dehydrating, which can lead to severe headaches. It is wise to avoid it altogether when traveling for hours.

Pack hydrating snacks

Before hitting the road, pack healthy and hydrating foods like pears, cucumbers, celery, strawberries, watermelon and baby carrots in your snack cooler. These fruits and vegetables can help you consume enough/recommended amount of water per day.

Avoid taking coffee

Before a long plane ride, avoid taking caffeine. Coffee is a diuretic, meaning that it causes fluids to pass fast through your body. If you don’t pair it with enough water, it can cause dehydration.

Drink coconut water

Coconut water contains natural electrolytes and has high potassium levels hence ideal for hydration. When traveling via airplanes where it’s easy to get dehydrated, coconut water comes in handy. And although you can’t bring fluids past airport security, you can easily get coconut water from famous brands in almost every airport terminal.

Add chia seeds to your food or water

Chia seeds have hydrophilic properties, meaning that they are highly attracted to water. They absorb 9 to 12 times their weight in water. Should you eat them, you’ll most likely stay hydrated longer.

Pack a bag of these seeds in your bag and add it to your water for long hours of traveling.

Drinks Lots of water before you begin your trip

Since you may not know what the water situation will be at your destination, ensure that you stay hydrated before leaving. Also, on the days leading to your trip, take as much water as you can, provided that it’s a healthy amount.

Doing so will help balance out your water loss later.

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Eat soup

If traveling in countries where tap water isn’t safe to drink, take soup instead. Soup is not only delicious but also free of bacteria when served piping hot.

Eating soup will keep you hydrated when traveling abroad.

Avoid heat

It’s wise to avoid traveling in the afternoon when the sun is extremely strong if possible. Schedule your journeys for early mornings or late afternoon to avoid getting hydrated in the hot sun.

Use a hydration supplement

During a flight, use a hydration supplement (mostly supplied in sachets or tablet form) to keep you hydrated throughout the journey. All you need to do is add the supplement to our water and sip from time to time.

Don’t worry about the taste of these supplements. Most have an appealing taste and won’t discourage you from taking the water.


Dehydration can lead to fatigue or severe headaches, which is the last thing you’d want to experience when exploring new places. To function and feel your best when traveling, follow the tips in this guide, drink plenty of water, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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