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How To Start Building Your Own Travel Blog?

Many people would like to start a travel blog. However, some give up easily because they fear that their blog will interest no one or they do not have the expertise to write code. Despite these fears, it is simple to start a blog because all you need is a writing talent and patience. Although you can earn money from your blog, this should not trouble you as much as establishing a sizable following on the Internet. Below are a few steps that will guide you as you build travel blogs.Four of my top travel tips about Building Your Own Travel Blog.Take a look at this list of basics that will allow you to be successful.

Travel Blog Tips

Subscribe to a reliable host and buy your domain name

The first thing you need to start a travel blog is a domain name and a reliable hosting service. Typically, if you choose an excellent hosting company, it will give you a domain name as part of the hosting service. Research the best providers so that you do not make the mistake of spending a lot of money on hosting providers that will not meet your needs. Always remember that it’s essential for your site to be online all the time, or otherwise, you will lose a lot of visitors. Most people would rather divert to another site instead of waiting for yours to load.

While choosing your domain name, make sure that it is short and memorable. Additionally, you should not use punctuation marks between words, but rather, combine the words without leaving spaces. In other words, make sure that your domain names are easy to narrate when requesting people to visit your site.

Select the blogging software you will use

Blogging software is readily available online. Examples include Blogger, Blogspot, Tumblr, Squarespace, and WordPress. WordPress is considered to be the best of them all for some reason. For one, it’s popular, and therefore, there are a lot of tools and plugins that are tailor-made for people who would like to improve the aesthetic appeal of their sites. It is also possible to start an e-commerce portal from where you can begin selling items.

After you have gotten an ideal domain name and a useful web hosting service, the next step will be designing your site. WordPress offers a lot of templates that can be used to create sites, but this might create a hindrance and especially if you are building your travel blog so that you can make a profit from it. You can buy a theme online or hire a developer to create one for you if you do not have the expertise.

Create the main pages

Once you upload your theme, you need to make several basic pages on your site in addition to the blog posts. A page differs from a post in that it is a static piece of content, which lives separate from the blog posts. Blog posts get “buried” as you write more because the new posts are put on top of older posts. This makes the older posts harder to find. However, a page such as the about me page lives on top of a site and never gets buried. The pages you need to create include:

  • About page – This is where you inform people about your history and yourself.
  • Contact page – This is where you tell people how they can reach you.
  • Copyright page – On this page, you can let people know that you own the work, and they should not steal it.
  • Privacy page – This is a typical user agreement page that informs readers about the laws that apply to your site and that you use cookies.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To draw the attention of people searching for information about travel online, invest in SEO. This means that apart from blogs, you have to write content that will be posted on online article repositories. Make sure that your site is not overloaded with images or a lot of flash media content because these will slow down its load time. You can visit allied publishing photography articles and books to learn more about implementing search engine optimization in a travel blog. You can also learn how SEO and other strategies like pay-per-click advertising can help you run a successful travel blog. 

Building Your Own Travel Blog?

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Creating a travel blog is fun. Do not let the technical aspects of building such a blog scare you. With the tips above, you can build a travel blog and share your stories with other travelers. If you would like to make money from the blog, take time to learn about monetizing a blog, and remember to create content that compels your visitors to return to your blog. 

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