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How to Start a Campground & Caravan Park Business in Australia

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caravan and trailers in a campground in australia

Training and qualifications needed

You don’t need any formal qualifications to run a caravan park, but training and experience are still important.

Training is available from various organizations, such as the Caravan and Camping Industry Association (CACIA) and other state-based associations. Training sessions are often offered in conjunction with industry trade shows or conferences. You can also gain experience by working on-site at other parks, or by taking part in volunteer programs through community groups such as Rotary clubs or YMCA campsites.

Equipment required

Before you can open your campground, you’ll need to invest in all the equipment required for camping. This includes:

  • Caravans/trailers (to give guests somewhere to stay)
  • Camping facilities and amenities such as picnic tables and fire pits like this best burning fire fuels.
  • Laundry facilities (so that dirty clothes can be washed)
  • Showers or bathrooms for guests to use when they’re on holiday

Location of your business

Location is a critical aspect of running any kind of business and it is no different when it comes to starting a caravan park and campground.

  • Consider the location of your business in the nearest town. If you are close enough to a town, you can attract more customers and make more money from their presence but this may come at the cost of higher running costs.
  • Find out if there are any restrictions on where you can locate your site or if there are any zoning requirements that need to be met regarding how far away from other businesses, residential areas etcetera that your site needs to be located*.

Other factors affecting operational costs

There are other factors affecting operational costs, too. The cost of electricity and water are significant in all states, as are the costs of maintenance, cleaning, and repairs to your buildings and site infrastructure.

The cost of insurance is a major consideration for all businesses – caravan parks being no exception. You must have adequate public liability insurance to protect yourself from any claims made against you by customers who may have suffered an injury at your park or while on holiday there.

Advertising is an essential part of attracting new customers to your caravan park business. You can advertise in local newspapers; on social media; online via Google AdWords and Facebook ads; via flyers handed out throughout the area; through direct mail postcards or circulars delivered door-to-door; etc., so there are many different avenues available for reaching out to potential guests if they live nearby but don’t know about your park yet!

Labor costs will include wages paid directly by yourself as well as contractors hired on a short-term basis when needed such as during peak season activity periods (e.g., Easter).

The minimum number of caravans and campers needed to be profitable

To be profitable, you need a minimum number of caravans and campers.

In Australia, you need at least 10 caravans or campers for your caravan park business to be profitable.

You also need at least 25 caravans or campers to start a caravan park business in Australia. You can do this by buying the land yourself and then building it yourself, but starting off this way is not recommended because it’s very expensive and time-consuming.

If you want to start a caravan park business with 50 caravans or campers, then again start by buying the land yourself and then build it yourself as well you need to know about the land transfer. This will help save time while also helping save money on hiring tradesmen who charge higher rates than normal people would charge because they know that they are dealing with someone who doesn’t have much experience in construction work yet so they can get away with charging more without worrying about losing any customers due to increased prices from other companies’ quotes being too high for inexperienced customers like yourself who might otherwise hire them if only their quotes were lower…

Getting your campground up and running

Once you’ve secured your land and business plan, it’s time to get your campground up and running. The first step is making sure that everything meets local council regulations for development. This should be fairly straightforward since you will have a detailed business plan ready for their consideration, which means they know exactly what sort of development will be going on in the area and how it will impact the community.

Once you have approval from the council, it’s time to start building! You can choose from several different types of cabins available depending on what type of park owner you are:

  • A caravan park owner may want to build simple cabins with four walls (complete with air conditioning) or even RV sites with hookups for water and electricity as well as parking spaces for vehicles (in case there aren’t enough spaces).
  • If you’re running a camping ground instead, then built-in bathrooms will likely streamline operations by eliminating waste disposal concerns within each cabin; however, this added expense might not be worth taking on if your clientele is unfamiliar with using them regularly enough at home–they may find it harder than expected when away from home!
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We have a guide that explains how to start a campground in Australia.

To get started, we recommend that you download a copy of our guide on how to start a campground in Australia. It contains information about the business, including:

  • How to start a campground in Australia.
  • How to choose the location for your campground.
  • Setting up your campsite (including what amenities are required).


We hope this guide has helped you get a better idea of what it takes to start a campground in Australia. We’ve covered some of the basics and some things that you might not have thought of before. You now know all of the factors that will affect your business, from location to equipment needed.

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