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How to select Women backpacks for travel?

Women backpacks

Traveling can be a relaxing, refreshing experience to get some hard-earned rest and fun. However, being prepared for traveling is super important otherwise things can go awry, leaving you in distress. One of the most essential things to travel with is your luggage. It is like a miniature version of all of your life’s needs. Whether you’re traveling for a short time or in for a big adventure, luggage is important to consider. Travel backpacks can be the right fit for woman.If you’re traveling alone or family travel backpacks should be your first and only choice. 

travel backpacks

Even more crucial though is what to carry your luggage in? Suitcases are old-fashioned, bulky, and hard to carry. Suitcases are also not the most optimal for long, adventurous trips. If you’ve been planning such a journey that will take you across oceans, desert plains, thick woods, and high mountainous altitudes, consider investing in and using a backpack for your travels! Backpacks are a more optimal choice for carrying luggage during travel because they are more comfortable and can hold a ton of stuff too. Travel backpacks can be the right fit for you if you’re a woman. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends or family, travel backpacks should be your first and only choice when selecting how to bring luggage on board. There are just so many benefits to them! 

Men’s backpacks and women’s backpacks: what’s the difference? 

You may be wondering why backpacks are gendered. You may think this might just be a marketing ploy to get more sales. However, there is a reason why men’s backpacks are designed differently than women’s backpacks. Biologically speaking, there can be some differences between men and women and while this doesn’t mean one is stronger than the other, some backpacks may not just fit right on one sex as well as on the other. Men’s backpacks are designed with broader and wider shoulder straps whereas women’s backpacks usually have narrower shoulder straps. Torso, waist, and hip size also come into effect in the design of backpacks. Men’s backpacks usually have a bigger hip belt whereas women’s backpacks tend to have a smaller hip belt. Women’s backpacks are designed with a shorter torso height. Men’s backpacks have longer torso heights. All in all, some of these differences may help better accommodate one sex but the key factor is comfort. Though, generally, women’s backpacks are more suitable for women due to their design. 

A man can also wear a women’s backpack if it fits his frame better. Trying different backpacks, both men’s and women’s will help you get a feel for which one fits you the best.

Factors to consider when selecting a women’s backpack for travel 

If you’ve got a spirit for travel like Amelia Earhart, a women’s travel backpack is the ideal luggage carrier for you. However, selecting the right one when there is so much variety can be tough. Keep reading to find out which factors you should consider when deciding which travel backpack to purchase

Fit and sizing 

The right fit is important to consider when choosing a travel backpack, it allows for a comfortable experience even if your backpack is heavily loaded! The size of your backpack should be in proportion to the size of your body. If your backpack is too large for your body to carry it may be difficult for your back to support the weight properly. If it is too small, there will be too much pressure on your shoulders. Unbalanced weight will cause damage to your neck and shoulder areas and result in immense pain. Traveling should be fun not painful. Find the right-sized travel backpack by taking measurements of your back from the torso to the neck and then compare with the torso lengths of different backpacks. To find the most suitable fitting backpack, try on different backpack sizes while they are loaded to see which one provides the most comfort.


Now that we’ve covered how to get the right feeling and most comfortable travel backpack, a crucial factor to the usefulness and utility of a travel backpack is its design. Design can make or break a travel backpack. A good travel backpack is designed in a way for optimal use. During your travels, you may encounter rain. This can be detrimental in destroying both your backpack and your luggage if your travel backpack is not resistant to water. If your backpack isn’t waterproof you need a rain cover to avoid damaging your belongings hence it is helpful to have one that is already resistant to water. Also, purchase a backpack that has a lot of compartments of varying sizes. Compartments also help make it easier for you to designate space and organize your items better. Most travel backpacks now come with a laptop sleeve inside too, so you can work away from home if needed. A side pocket for a thermos for drinking is also essential for your travel backpack to have. 


Traveling can cost a lot! Booking flights, hotels, the cost of food, water, souvenirs, and many other things. Of course, you are ready to embark on this journey even if it may be expensive, but there is no reason for you to spend loads of money to help accommodate your luggage! Backpacks can be expensive, but worth each penny. Even if you’re not an avid traveler! Backpacks are not disposable, they are a good long-term investment. You’ll never need another luggage carrier. Say goodbye to bulky, hard-to-carry suitcases. Travel backpacks can be used for university or work too. Overall, you get a good deal for its usefulness. Some people may suggest to you a certain branded name or a designer for your backpack needs, however, remember brand or designer names don’t matter. What matters most is how reliable, comfortable and usable the backpack is, and not getting a designer backpack ups the affordability too!

Storage space 

Space is important! You want your backpack to be able to carry all that you need in one place. Your backpack is like your home away from home. It should be able to carry everything you need like necessities, clothing, and even some small medicinal items like pain relievers and bandages. Having enough space for your things is important and you may want to buy a backpack that has some extra space but don’t go too overboard because a lot of empty space will cause an imbalance in how the backpack fits on you. 

Packing up

So, are you ready to go hop on to your next adventure? What are you waiting for? Get your travel backpacks now and get on board! We hope to see you enjoying your best wanderlust life all around the world soon! 

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