How To Save While Traveling In Your RV

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RV travel has become wildly popular in recent years, with more people embracing this new way of traveling that offers the freedom to explore different places. And for people who love traveling but can’t afford the expenses associated with normal travel, RV offers a cheaper option.

In addition, RV is perfect for those who enjoy flexible travel that doesn’t have to stick to a schedule, thus creating freedom. The freedom you gain from RV travel offers you the choice of checking out places that weren’t on your itinerary if your travel insurance permits.  

With an RV, you may also easily move around without paying for a hotel, airfare, restaurants, etc. And apart from expenses such as gas, RV parking fees, and renting or buying the RV, it remains the cheaper option. You can learn about them with this RV buyers guide.

Even though it’s a cheaper option, you may still save even more and cut down on costs. Discussed in this article are the different ways to help you save when traveling in your RV. 

Book Your RV Early


If you consider renting an RV, it might be smart to book it in advance to avoid paying more for last-minute deals. As a result, start researching for an RV company such as a second hand motorhome three to four months before your travels and compare the prices and rates. 

When you get the best rates, reach out to the company and confirm the availability during your travel dates. You might get cheaper pricing by booking earlier as you have enough time to shop earlier. And when shopping, consider renting class-B motor homes and save money on rental fees.

However, if you are thinking of buying an RV, consider settling for smaller vehicles depending on the number of people traveling. These vehicles may include camper vans, travel trailers, and class-b homes.

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Make Your Meals

Eating out in restaurants can be costly compared to making up your food from scratch. And although others can argue that some food can be cheaper, it doesn’t compare to making your food and having leftovers for another meal. 

An RV offers the convenience of having a kitchen on the road, making it easier to fix a meal anytime. You can take steps to make cooking processes easier, such as investing in a slow cooker to make your meals. 

In addition, plan out the meals that will help you stay on track with eating healthy and fresh. And avoid trying out new recipes but rather stick to simple foods that you can easily cook. You should also consider prepping your ingredients ahead and carrying your drinks in a cooler to avoid buying them. 

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Choose Cheaper Driving Routes

The route you choose when on a road trip will greatly influence the amount you get to spend on expenses such as gas and overnight stays. If you are flexible, consider comparing different routes and how much expenses cost on every stop. 

As a result, when choosing routes, try to opt for those with free campsites, cheap gas stations, and routes without toll roads. In addition, stay away from congested areas, big cities, and coastal areas that tend to be expensive. 

Join RV clubs 

If you are new to RVs, you may be surprised to know that they have clubs that you can be a part of by getting a membership. These memberships are a great way of enjoying access to cheap and unique camping experiences, which helps to save. 

In addition, being a member of an RV club will let you enjoy things like getting free RV towing depending on the level of your coverage, flat tire and fuel delivery service, free car rentals, and discounts on parts and accessories at auto stores that have partnered with these clubs. 

The off-season is when the number of tourists visiting somewhere decreases. And with the decrease comes lower prices for different things, making it the perfect time to travel. 

And since traveling in an RV normally involves sightseeing in all the cities you go through, seasons allow you to pay less for park passes, guided tours, and passes for different attractions. 

Try Boondocking

If you are looking for adventure, you can enjoy RVing while still saving by boondocking. And if this term is new to you, it means camping on public lands, which makes it more rugged. 

You get to save on camping ground fees that tend to be high depending on the place you stay by camping on public grounds. And since you need to find ways of conserving power and water, you get to save even more. 

Bottom Line

Traveling in your RV can be a great money-saving option compared to other normal traveling ways. And even though it’s a cheaper option, there are more ways to ensure your trip is as cost-effective as opposed. 

For instance, you can look around for cheaper fuel which helps you save more while maximizing what you have. In addition, you can learn some handy skills to avoid having to procure services that can be expensive. 

Last Updated on August 17, 2023

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