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How To Report A Car Crash To Police Authorities

After a car collision, there are several things you should do. First, stay calm. Second, collect evidence. Third, seek medication. That’s not all, you shouldn’t fail to exchange contact information. Don’t forget about taking photos and exchanging insurance information. However, most important, you should report the collision to the relevant information. Call the police. The police will draw a police report, which will be used as evidence in court. Get your crash report at LLC. Here are the top tips and tricks for reporting your auto car accident to the police.

Call the Police

Contact the police immediately. Once they arrive at the scene, the police will conduct a detailed investigation and try to establish who caused the accident. They’ll take note of who violated the law.

They’ll collect information such as the date and time of the accident, the driver’s personal information, injuries, photographs of the accident, witness contact information, as well as, driver statements.

Don’t deviate from the facts. Let the police know exactly what happened. Ask for their numbers so that you can follow up on your case. Make sure the responding officer has made the correct recording. Everything should be written clearly and accurately.

Gather Evidence

Take clear photographs of the accident scene. Capture all automobiles involved in the incident. If the at-fault party admits liability, make a recording. If possible, ask them for a signed statement. Check out for video surveillance cameras around you. Take a close look at the video footage immediately.

If there were any passengers, ask for their statements as well. Exchange contacts with the other drivers. If possible, request their driving license numbers. This will make it simpler for you to follow up on the case.

Police Report

The police won’t probably determine who was at fault at that point. So, be sure to review their report to see if they wrote the right things. Explain what happened and make sure you aren’t being held liable for the accident. It’s better to make a copy of the police report. In most cases, the police report will be utilized by insurance firms in deciding liability. In case you discover mistakes in the police report, don’t hesitate to request a revision.

Key Takeaway

Even if the accident was minor, you should handle it with the seriousness it deserves. Remember, the other driver might turn the story against you. Their insurer will strive to dispute your claim to avoid reimbursing you. Contact a qualified car accident lawyer to ensure that your rights are fully protected. Plus, this will help you receive a fair settlement.

The Bottom-Line

Police play an important role when it comes to evidence collection after a car accidence. Their main work is to assess the accident and write a police report. That’s why they should be informed of any accident at the soonest time possible. After calling the police, stick around. Ensure that the report is accurate. It should capture accurate details regarding the accident. Request a copy of the report. 

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