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How To Replace Your Cars Battery

Your car’s battery powers the electrical components, including the starter needed to get the engine going. Like other batteries, car batteries eventually run down and die. The expected lifespan is only about five years, and the warranty may run out before that.Like other batteries, Cars Battery eventually run down and die. The expected lifespan is only about five years, and the warranty may run out.

Cars Battery

A dead car battery diagnosis isn’t too hard to make: When the electrical components don’t work, there’s a good chance the battery is dead. Instead of waiting for that to happen, however, you should look for signs that the battery may be running down, such as a slow crank or dim headlights, and replace the battery before it dies completely. You don’t necessarily need to wait for trouble signs, though. You can make battery replacement every three years part of your maintenance schedule. That way, you avoid the inconvenience of having your battery die completely, and you obtain a new warranty before the old one runs out.

Tools Needed For Removing Your Car Battery

You obviously need to remove the old battery before you can install a new one. A car battery is held in place by nuts, bolts, and clamps. Tools are needed to loosen and release these before you can remove the battery. Fortunately, you do not need an extensive array of tools, just a socket, ratchet, and extension, as well as a wrench.

The chemicals used in car batteries are toxic and corrosive if they come into direct contact with your body. Unfortunately, when a battery is old, it can develop leaks. You may not notice at first if your battery is leaking and accidentally come in contact with the battery acid. To protect yourself from a situation such as this, you should wear protective gear, such as safety glasses and moisture-proof gloves. If you see leaking or corrosion on the posts or terminals, you might want to use a cleaning tool or terminal grease on them before attempting to remove the battery.

When disconnecting the old battery, use your wrench to disconnect first the negative terminal, then the positive terminal, taking care that the wrench doesn’t come into contact with both at once. You may require assistance lifting the battery out. It can weigh over 50 pounds.

AutoZones Battery Cell Recycling Credit

Once you have removed and replaced the old battery, you then need to dispose of it. It is best if you do this as soon as possible after changing the battery to avoid any additional fluid leaks or accidental exposure. However, you can’t just throw it away in your regular trash or recycling either. Even the best motorcycle batteries contain hazardous materials that can leach into the ground water or otherwise harm the environment. This means that you must take special care to dispose of the car battery properly. There are several channels by which you can safely and appropriately dispose of a used car battery. One option is to take it to an auto parts retailer and have them dispose of it for you. As an incentive, some retailers may offer special perks for doing this.

For example, participating AutoZone retailers will offer you a merchandise card worth $10. Find out more details by visiting a store in your area.

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