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How to Rent a Car in Malaga

Malaga is a dream paradise holiday destination. You may be wondering how you Rent a Car in Malaga? Here is how to do just that. This beautiful place is blessed with rugged landscapes and an open ocean. It’s a fascinating island that has so many things to explore.

Rent a Car in Malaga

If you’re visiting this holiday destination for the first time, it’s expected that you will want to rent a car for easy movement. Once you can rent a car from Malaga, you can easily get to visit places like La Rosaleda stadium, Seville, Portugal, and even Gibraltar in your rental car. You may be wondering how you rent a car with ease in Malaga? Here is how to do just that. 

Things you need to know before renting a car in Malaga

If you’re coming from any of the European countries, UK or US, you need to have a valid driver’s license to rent a car in Malaga. You also need to bring your MasterCard or credit card because debit cards are not accepted in Malaga. 

Do you need any special documents to visit Malaga from neighboring countries? 

You don’t need any documents to visit nearby countries. But if you are renting a car and visiting Malaga, it’s best to inform the rental company of your plans before crossing over. The same thing applies if you are renting a car in Malaga and want to visit Portugal or France. Keep in mind that you will be charged about a $20-$30 cross-border fee to your insurance and that covers everything. 

Rent a car, Malaga Airport

There are a good number of both international and local car rental companies in Malaga. Car hire Malaga airport services come with impeccable customer service and make renting a car so easy. A couple of them offer a low rate guarantee with good 24/7 support. 

One-way Rental Fee

This simply means renting a car in one place and dropping it off in another. You may ask if this is possible? Yes, it is but it will cost you extra. This extra fee exists because the car rental company has to go get the car back to their yard from where you dropped it off. If you don’t mind the extra charges, especially if it’s convenient for you, go for it. However, if you’re looking for a less costly car hire, Malaga is the place where you should start and end with.

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