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Tips on How to Prevent Traveling Back Pain

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As you make travel plans to visit family, friends, and special attractions, don’t forget that back pain commonly interferes with plans while on-the-road. Back pain from flying and driving aren’t uncommon, especially as the number of trips we take during the summer months increases. The following tips ensure back pain doesn’t halt your travel plans. Use them when heading out, whether a short road trip or a vacancy out of the country.Back pain from flying and driving aren’t uncommon, especially as the number of trips we take increases.Here is Tips for traveling back pain.

Traveling Back Pain

Tips to Prevent Traveling back Pain

Learn How to Better Manage Stress

Known as the silent killer in women, stress causes symptoms such as high blood pressure, increased cardiovascular health problems, mental illness, and an assortment of other worries, such as back pain. Changes in our regular routine increases the stress that a person feels. Find stress-relievers well before time for travel. Use the stress-relievers before, during, and after travel.

Purchase Travel Accessories

A neck pillow provides lumbar support for travelers. The pillows support the neck whether traveling by car, plane, or train! Other cool items like foot hammocks also keep travelers comfortable. Although different travel accessories target different areas of the body, they ultimately keep back pain away.

Find your favorite travel accessories, like travel pillows and foot hammocks, online, or at your favorite retailers.

Use the Motion Lotion for Your Body

Sitting in a stationary position for too long causes back pain. Motion is the lotion that keeps your bones and muscles flexible and pain-free. Travel often requires sitting for extended periods. Ease back pain by changing positions every 30-minutes. Even slight changes in imposition for a matter of seconds will deter back pain.

Take Stretch Breaks

Back pain while driving is common. Reduce aches and pains by stopping every 60 minutes for a stretch break. Moving from a sitting position minimizes back pain, but stretching your arms and legs once per hour by getting out of the vehicle offers the best results.

Proper Lifting

Remember how you’ve always been taught to lift and put that information to use while traveling. Lift with your legs, not you back. Spread your feet apart, bend down, and lift luggage and other heavy items with your legs. Repeatedly heavy lifting may cause strain and stress on the back, resulting in back pain and body aches. Avoid this concern by using proper lifting techniques!

Posture Check One, Two, One, Two

Poor posture increases spine pressure. Increased spinal pressure leads to backaches and pain. It also increases the risks of an injury to the back. Simple adjustments correct posture and relieve some of the pressure. Sit straight, stand with feet stable on the ground, and ensure both ears are aligned over the shoulders to maintain proper posture.

Stand Correctly

Now that your posture is in check, learning the proper way to stand to keep back pain away is next. Evenly distribute weight on both feet when standing in lines in airports or other places. We tend to shift weight from one foot to another or put all of our weight on one foot when standing for long periods. This increases the likelihood that back pain interferes with the travel plans.

Exercise En Route

Exercise while sitting in a car or while on an airplane isn’t impossible. Simple exercises such as a pelvic tilt mimic the sit-to-stand motion, reducing back pain, neck pain, and other types of body pain. You can also walk around the cabin or other locations when traveling by airplane. Turn on the car’s cruise-control if traveling by vehicle to get in a little more in-car, en route exercise!

Hot and Cold Therapy

Het reduces muscle and joint tension. Cold restricts blood flow, in urn cooling muscles, reducing inflammation, and nerve irritation. Use hot and cold therapy while traveling if you experience back aches regularly or if you want the added peace of mind knowing you’re taking all precautionary steps to eliminate the problem.

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