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7 Tips on How to Prepare for RV Trip for the First Time

Amongst all kinds of travel like backpacking, leisure, and luxury, an RV trip is the best one to have with your family or someone special. The beautiful scenery visible from the wide windshield and the added advantage of the RV’s height is an experience in itself. Though an RV road trip might seem exciting, there are many precautions that you need to take before you plan your first RV trip. Here is an RV Trips Travel short and sweet list of seven pro-tips you will need before you hit the road. How to plan the perfect RV Trip if it is your first time at it. In this travel guide, you will find everything you need to plan RV Trip

RV Trip

How to Prepare for RV Trip

Know your vehicle

RVs can be very complicated vehicles. There are multiple appliances, power sources, drainage ways, and especially water supply that needs to be taken care of. Every separate part of the RV has a different way of handling it, and directions according to the manual must be followed carefully. So, every time that you buy or rent an RV make sure you know all the specifications and the type of vehicle especially if there are some extra features in it. Making sure you have a competent RV sink installed is a must for the road. Knowing how to manage this is important, or you might end up damaging the vehicle.

Decide destinations and create a timeline

Though you get the liberty to travel freely and turn the road-tripping mode on, having some sense of destination is required. Planning out every single detail of your trip, including every stop that you need to make and deciding every place to eat. But you need to have in mind all the destinations that you want to visit and by what day you should be home. Driving on the road aimlessly is also not good. A good balance is required between planning and spontaneity.

Map your routes

By mapping your routes here, I do not mean that device upon every single road that you are going to drive across. But you’re keen to know what routes lead where and how long it takes so that you are able to enjoy the sunset by the lake in time. Additionally, good knowledge of routes is also helpful to locate gas stations, eating joints, and under-construction areas.


Ensuring your vehicle before going on a long trip across the country as your special gift for her is important. Even in case of minor accidents, it is always good to have insurance as you can travel with a free mind. It also lets you continue your trip even after a side mirror broke because of a truck, as you don’t have to rush back home for it. If you don’t have it already, you can add it to your existing plan. But be careful, some insurance companies don’t offer motor home coverage.


Parking will not be an issue if you are planning to visit national parks and open cinemas because they have separate parking for RVs at small charges. But parking in the city and urban areas is very difficult as the size only slows the speed and created traffic issues. Moreover, in certain areas staying in RVs is not allowed so a hotel is required. Hence, always check the paint and unpaid parking facilities of your destination.

You can go camping

You can always set up a campsite and have a bonfire beside your RV. It has been proven to be very efficient for camping. It solves all your bathroom and electronic problems along with experiencing the adventure of a camp. There are special vehicles available for camping too in the market called camper vans. If you are a camping lover, you can always go for used and new campers for this purpose.

Budget all your expenses

Lastly, keeping a track of all your expenses is necessary. Usually, people forget the major chunk of fuel expenses while planning an RV trip which can spoil your jolly mood.  A well-planned budget can make your trip even more enjoyable as you have the option to cook as well, cutting down on food expenditure.

So, go ahead and make your movie RV trip moments come true. And we have got your back with these pro-tips to have a worry-free RV travel.

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