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How to Plan the Perfect Travel and Stay Vacation

Everyone loves traveling and exploring new places. But when you travel, you need to be prepared. In theory, packing for a trip is simple: you bring clothes and toiletries. But in reality, it’s more complicated than that – there are decisions to make like what weather should I pack for? What should my bag weigh? How do I stay connected without roaming charges? Everyone loves traveling and exploring new places. But when you travel, you need to be prepared.Here are tips for plan the perfect travel.

plan the perfect travel

Find out the destination and consider the seasons- Not surprisingly, it’s going to be colder in January than in July. Researching the climate will help you plan accordingly.

Pack light- You’ll have less trouble with luggage, excess baggage fees, and lugging around your suitcase if you pack as light as possible.

Weather- Make a packing list for every type of weather, from the clearest, sunniest days, to the coldest and wettest rain storms. Don’t forget sunglasses!

Carry-on only – There’s nothing worse than checking in, having your bag lost or stolen, and seeing something you need right there on your way out of the airport. Bring as little as you can get away with (liquids inside a ziplock). The lighter your luggage, the less likely it is to be charged extra or end up at another airport somewhere far away from home.

Wear comfortable shoes- You’ll thank yourself for this one when you’re walking around all day. Make sure to pack a pair of flip-flops for the beach or shower.

Be prepared for a weather emergency – If you’re flying to another country, make sure your passport is up to date. Medical insurance should be readily available, and if not on hand, get it before traveling (travel insurance can cover lost luggage as well). It’s always smart to have a credit card with you since ATMs aren’t necessarily available everywhere. For non-US travelers: travel precautions may vary depending on whether your home country has relations with other countries you want to visit. You don’t want to be that guy/gal who causes an international incident because he/she forgot to pack their passport! Make sure your vaccinations are updated as well (particularly important for remote areas or if you have a weak immune system).

You personally need to carry about 5-7 electronic devices with me on every trip. Here’s what you need to typically bring: 

A smartphone – This allows you to stay in contact with family and friends back home via email/texting, Google Maps for navigation purposes, as well as local restaurants and bars nearby.

An iPad – Use it for reading books while traveling, watching movies when the plane has crappy American TV channels, and keeping myself entertained at night. It also makes a handy alarm clock.

Headphones – Those are essential! Whether you’re listening to music or catching up on your favorite show, you don’t want to be that guy listening to Miley Cyrus at the top of your lungs on a long-haul flight.

An eReader – Carry three devices, but if you could get away with just one, it would definitely be an eReader. They’re light, portable, and are great for packing lots of reading material in one go without burning through all your books or leaving them behind.

Camera/Charger/Memory card – Don’t forget them! It’s essential that you have a camera with you when traveling so you can capture all the moments worth remembering. Be smart about adding memory cards while you’re purchasing your new camera because chances are they will run out quickly, and you’ll need more. You can always delete the older pictures off your camera and save space.

Apart from these, we also recommend the following things to bring along:

A Journal – Keeping a journal is great for both entertainment and reminiscing later on in life. If you forget to bring one, many hotels will have blank journals at their front desks or even guesthouses around the world.

Travel Adaptor/Charger – This is important, especially if you’re traveling to another country where voltage may be different (such as Europe). They are easier to find nowadays, but it’s good to check while you’re out shopping just in case.

A padlock with two keys – Having one of these handy helps tremendously when storing things in lockers, cabins, and other areas that require locking up your belongings (leave no space unlocked).

A lock – Whether you’re storing your things in a locker or putting up a suitcase on the train, it’s good to have something heavy-duty and sturdy that can’t be easily broken. Always remember to take it off when you arrive at your destination (hotel/hostel staff will thank you for this!)

Laundry bag – Great for separating out dirty clothes from clean ones, especially if you’re staying somewhere with shared laundry facilities. You don’t want those guys’ socks getting mixed up with yours!

An empty water bottle – Another traveler trick: carry an empty water bottle because most places where you will find yourself traveling are likely not to use tap water. Rinse your mouth out with it, but do not swallow while you’re in foreign countries. Keep a bottle on you at all times for those hot, sticky days where drinking water is essential!

Travel Insurance – Travel insurance may seem like a bit of overkill if you are only going away for two weeks or so. But really consider how much would happen if something happened while traveling. If anything were to go wrong with your trip/travel plans, what would be the best course of action? I believe everyone should purchase some sort of travel insurance before leaving home because even though everything “should” be okay and there’s nothing truly worth worrying about, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.

For example, let’s say you get really sick abroad and need a medical evacuation to fly home for proper treatment because your country won’t cover the cost of it (happened to me). Or perhaps something happens while you’re traveling, and they need to send an emergency rescue team out, costing thousands of dollars or even worse… your family is in an accident back home while you are away! Imagine not being there… what would you do? There are many different types of travel insurance policies available – so find one that suits you best.

However, if things go south, we would recommend planning a quick stay at a hotel like Marriott to ensure that you can catch your breath, as well as enjoy luxury as well during your stay. 

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