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How to Plan the Perfect Beach Holiday for Your Family

Everyone loves to travel. And with good reasons too: the joy of discovering new places, the thrill of adventure, and the feeling of freedom. Traveling is fantastic, and it offers our health and wellbeing great benefits, particularly if we decide to go on a beach holiday. If your family has decided to visit the beach during the next holiday, you’re in luck. Here’s How to Plan the Perfect Beach Holiday!

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Holiday

Having a beach holiday can also be a lot of work, and many people don’t know where to start. Discovering the perfect beach, planning your itinerary and bookings, figuring out where to stay, what to pack… it can be overwhelming.

  • Plan Your Budget

It’s essential to have a well-developed budget if you wish to hit it big on your beach trip. Besides all the essentials such as food and clothes, public transportation is not free. Booking flights or train tickets will cost money. Additionally, if your folks are avid surfers, don’t forget that surfboards and paddle boards will also cost extra! 

So, make sure to take care of these hidden costs in your budget. Start planning your itinerary early and make sure you allocate not just time but sufficient amounts of funds for tickets, food, and entertainment. Here are extra tips to help you save coins:

  • The greatest time to go to the beach is over a long weekend when there aren’t many people around. During this time, accommodations will also be reasonably priced.
  • Choose your lodging based on your pocket. This way, you can use your money on other beach activities.
  • Save money by cutting down on your travel expenses. Make an informed decision concerning whether you want to be close to the beach or not. We think a location where you can walk to the beach every day would be ideal.
  • Keep some cash on hand for unexpected expenses, so you’re not stranded if you go over budget.
  • Choose A Beach Destination

Now that you know your budget, it’s time to choose a beach! All beaches are not equal. Each one is unique in its way.  When all is said and done, every type of beach has pros and cons. A great option is the North Beach in Lake Charles. It offers ample space and activities for family fun.

The overall qualities of the place, as well as the price level, are essential. Some destinations are better for families or young tourists who want to do many things. Others are better for the elderly who want to unwind. 

A tropical island can be an excellent honeymoon location, but it may be too monotonous for youngsters. When organizing your trip, keep all travelers’ priorities in mind so you can develop solutions that will please everyone.

  • Decide When to Go

Picking a vacation time is mainly based on your work schedule. If your schedule isn’t flexible, it’s best to start planning early so that you can secure a great place for when you go. 

You need to make sure that any time off work your schedule will allow for plenty of relaxation and rejuvenation! Otherwise, the whole purpose of going away in the first place goes by the wayside. What’s the point in spending your hard-earned cash on a luxury resort if you’re not going to feel comfortable and have fun?

That said, the best time to visit your favorite seashore might not be during peak seasons. Otherwise, you might find higher prices on everything from accommodations to souvenirs! But if you go during the winter, you can save money and enjoy serious luxury. Without crowds.

  • Choose the Perfect Accommodation

When it comes down to booking your accommodations for a beach holiday, cost should not be the only thing you consider. The vibe of the holiday will greatly depend on what kind of vacation home or apartment you are staying in. 

For most families, staying in a vacation rental is the most comfortable option: not only will you have the entire home to yourself, but it will also be less expensive than booking a hotel.

If you opt to rent a beach property, be sure you understand what is included in the fee. Some owners provide many extras, such as a fully furnished kitchen and beach equipment, while others merely offer basic facilities. 

  • Research Meal Ideas

As much as we love tasting different dishes with family, finding new restaurants can be costly and even detrimental to your savings. If your vacation budget happens to be on the low side, there is no need to worry. In many cases, you can find affordable street food or takeaways on the go. 

However, if convenience is also a necessity for you during your travels, then opting for a self-catering accommodation is best suited as it meets both needs. Research affordable grocery stores in your area where you can obtain ready-to-eat snacks. Also, look for delivery options so you can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying your vacation!

  • Pack

When packing for a beach vacation, it can be easy to over pack or forget important items. That’s why it’s helpful to prepare a checklist of things you’ll need on your trip beforehand. This way, you won’t miss anything, and you’ll have a list to reference in case you forget something.

Verify with your hotel ahead of time to see what products (towels, toiletries, and beach equipment) come with your lodge, in case you need to pack a beach towel for kids (I have a great review for a kids beach towel by one step ahead). This way, you won’t bring unnecessary items. Adopt the “less is more” rule: only bring what you really need. Pack fewer but more functional outfits that you can easily match, and leave all heavier goods at home.  If spending a day by the beach and out in the sun, don’t forget to bring a good sun shade for when taking rests.

  • Plan Activities Beforehand

When traveling with children, the best thing to do is pack a beach bag full of activities you can do on the beach. Think along the lines of Scrabble, Pictionary, or Jenga! Try to find out if there’s some sort of kid’s club on site. In case there isn’t one available, make sure you pack your child’s favorite toys for them to play with throughout your trip.

Don’t panic if you simply cannot afford to enroll your family in expensive programs. Be inventive, go on discovery walks in the region where you’re staying, and look for free or low-cost activities.


Be safety conscious. The ocean can be a delightful place to visit and brings a lot of therapy for your mind and body. But it has its dangers too. 

To have a truly enjoyable trip, you should take the time to know what possible threats exist. Learn all you can about how you and your family can stay safe at the beach and what the symbols on beach safety flags mean. 

Getting travel insurance is very important. Also, it’s best not to go swimming alone, especially if there are no lifeguards available. Make sure to bring products that can cure shell or coral scrapes and sunburn. 

It’s a good idea to include a small kit with wound cleaner, aloe gel, and bandages. Also, don’t forget to use environmentally friendly sunscreen with a high SPF.

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