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How to plan a trip: Your step by step travel planner

Need a break? Well, if you do, it should be refreshing. How about a little trip with your school fellows? Sounds fun? Do not get down just because the finances are limited as they have been and would always be limited. 

Cheer up, if you can not afford a journey with no intention to return sooner than a month, there is no harm in treating yourself with a week getaway. In this article, we would be thoroughly guiding you on how can you plan a trip in limited resources;

Bring out your savings and determine how much can you spend

You can only “actually” start travel planning with your buddies when you are sure how much money you can spend. As you would not be working for a week or so, you are going to need a noticeable sum of money to pay for the necessities when you would get back home. Gather all the savings, set aside something for a rainy day, and determine how much you can spend on holiday.

Traveling alone is not fun at all, decide who is going with you

Traveling fun doubles when you have someone by your side. Choose the right traveling partner to spice up the short vacation. You can choose to go with your boyfriend/girlfriend, family, kids, and friends like family. 

Shortlist the affordable places

Now that you have got the money and partner to join you in, it’s time to shortlist the affordable places to get a few options to choose from. If it’s a kind of honeymoon, go for the beaches and resorts but if it’s a solo trip with your best friend try camping or something similar. You can contact with the Outdoor Authority.


As you would be reaching there after spending a huge amount of money, nothing should ruin your trip. Do a little research, find out what the situation is like there? 

Book your flights

As you can now see things clearly, there is no point in delaying it further. Book your flights to start preparing for the much-needed holiday. Find the cheapest deals to save the maximum amount of money for the holiday.

Pack your necessities

The time of departure is now assigned, it’s the need of the hour to pack your necessities if you do not want to leave anything for the last minutes. Do not forget to take your camera with you. How would you take photos for the gram then?

Book accommodation

As you are staying there for a week or so, you would be needing a perfect place to live. Search for the accommodation options in the area, get the cheapest and the reasonable one booked for you and your traveling buddy. You and your traveling partner can book one room and choose to stay in the same room if the rent is not economical.


The flight would land you at the airport, you still need a means of transport to reach the hotel. If Uber is easily accessible, you do not have to bother about it at all. If Uber is not available take a cab and to reach your destination, it would be a little expensive but you have got no choice. Once you reach your destination all you have to do is, “Enjoy”.

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