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How to Plan a California Road Trip You’ll Never Forget

You’re feeling the itch, aren’t you? That cabin fever itch is no joke! What’s the best way to combat those feelings?

A road trip!

Get your buddies in a car and just drive. There is nothing like the feeling of exploration and having the road ahead of you. But where will you go?

A California road trip is just what the doctor ordered! With the beautiful sights, sounds, and sun you will just love it!

Read our guide below to make sure your trip is unforgettable!

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Guide to Planning a California Road Trip

When to Go

California has hot summers and warm winters. We recommend planning your family road trip between March and May. The weather will be warm and not overpopulated with students you’ll find when school is out for summer.

Expect daytime temperatures to be around 70°F and nighttime temperatures to be about 60°F.

How Long to Go For

A weekend trip to California is nice, but we recommend at least two weeks. California is a huge state, so you’ll want that extra time to explore.

Soak up the sun on the beaches, take in the sights and sounds of Hollywood, and shop on Rodeo Drive! You’ll want to factor in what you have planned while leaving room for spontaneity. You’ll also want to leave plenty of room for photo opportunities.

What to Pack

Be sure to bring the hot weather style. Bikinis and swim trunks, flip flops, breezy T’s, and sunglasses are perfect. Sunscreen and a baseball cap are great when soaking up the sun. For the actual California road trip, don’t forget your sunglasses and good tunes as well!

When dining out, California is pretty lowkey and casual. You’ll often see people in shorts and sandals for dinner.

Where to Go

When planning weekend getaways in California, deciding where to go is a job in and of itself. We are here to break down the highlights for exploring places to stay in California.

San Diego

Start your trip off right in San Diego. As the state’s second-largest city, you won’t feel bombarded with the hustle and bustle of LA. Practice your surfing and hang ten in La Jolla.

As one of the most Mexican-influenced cities, be sure to explore the food and culture of San Diego. Enjoy a great nightlife with amazing cuisine in the Gaslight Quarter.

Laguna Beach

Before you reach Los Angeles, be sure to trek towards Laguna Beach. This is a secret haven for artist types in Orange County. The beautiful rocky canyon landscape and sandy coastline are a must-see!

Los Angeles

You can’t leave Los Angeles off your road trip in California list. While many people equate California with Los Angeles, there is always something new to see.

With that said, if you have never been before, be sure to unlock all that Beverly Hills and Hollywood have to offer. With the rich amount of history and tourist attractions, you will love every minute!

Go Exploring on a California Road Trip

Get the car ready and pack the essentials to go for your California road trip! You must be so excited by now to go exploring with your friends.

Now that you’ve got the travel bug, the world is your oyster. For all the greatest travel tips at your fingertips, explore our blog today! Your adventure awaits you!

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