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How to Pick a Trip Based on Your Personality Type

The travel industry is booming at a significant pace. Global tourism hit a record high in 2019, with around 1.4 billion people traveling. Then the pandemic hit, but it didn’t stop the booming tourism industries. According to Statista, the global tourism industry was $5.81 trillion in 2021. France, Spain, and the United States were the three most popular tourist destinations with millions of visitors.

However, travel doesn’t have to be about going to crowded destinations packed with tourists. The world has so much to offer outside of the mainstream travel options, and you’re missing out if you don’t consider it.

Planning a trip is an exciting experience, but it’s also one of the most stressful parts of travel. That’s because you don’t just have to think about the weather, time zone changes, and packing for your trip — you also have to decide what kind of traveler you are. This article walks you through picking a travel adventure based on your personality and preferences.

If You Have a Type A Personality, Consider a Cruise

Type A personality refers to achievement-oriented, competitive, fast-paced, and impatient traits. According to research, people with Type A personalities can suffer health problems like hypertension, heart disease, job stress, and social isolation due to workaholism. Hence, it becomes even more essential to go on a break.

If you’re a Type A personality, what better way to travel the world than from the comfort of your own floating hotel? Cruises offer an easy-going pace that’s great for people who like to plan, get organized, and relax. Not only that, but they often have educational lectures on board and opportunities for shore excursions where travelers can explore new cultures with like-minded folks.

Cruises also have a lot of perks, including:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • A wide variety of activities on board (including swimming pools and fitness centers)
  • A good selection of restaurants and dining options (including some that are included in the cruise fare)
  • A wide range of shore excursions
  • Educational lectures
  • The ability to visit several destinations in one trip

If You Are a Thrill Seeker, Consider Backpacking or Taking an ATV Tour

If you are a thrill seeker and want to put yourself in danger, consider backpacking or taking an ATV tour. Both are great ways to challenge yourself while exploring the beauty of nature.

If you want to get off the beaten path and do something that will allow you to connect with your surroundings on a deeper level, then backpacking is for you. You can choose from several different routes through various terrains and climates. The best part about backpacking is that it allows for flexibility during your travels because there’s no set itinerary; each day brings new experiences!

ATV is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping while exploring beautiful nature. You can take your family or friends on this exciting adventure. ATV tours are available at many locations worldwide, with plenty of open space and dirt roads to ride on. The tours usually start with training and then lead to riding around on the ATVs as they travel through forests, deserts, grasslands, or other places where no roads or trails are set up for cars or trucks.

If you live alongside a beach or dirt-filled location, you can get an ATV of your own and make every day adventurous. However, if you own an ATV, you also need to maintain it. If you don’t, you might end up somewhere in the middle of the dirt, making your adventure a flop. You will need to inspect and replace the ATV accessories at the right time. You can rely on experts like ZMPerformance for all your ATV accessories needs. Such experts can offer a one-stop solution for your accessory requirements to ensure your ATV remains in top shape for all adventures.

If You’re an Introvert, Look for a Trip That Lets You Set Your Own Pace

If you’re an introvert, look for a trip that lets you set your own pace. If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend most of their time alone or can’t stand the idea of being with a group at all times, then traveling solo might be the best option for you. Almost 76% of travelers have traveled alone at some point in time. Whether you are a Gen Z or in your 50s, a solo trip offers a refreshing experience for everyone.

The good news is that plenty of tours are designed specifically for solo travelers. These trips tend to be smaller than most group tours—there’s less social pressure because there’s no one around trying to keep up a conversation with everyone else in their tour group. And these small groups often allow more freedom when deciding what activities are right for your personality type and how much downtime (or adventure) works best.

If You Are Extroverted, Look for a Group Tour or a Destination Like Fiji or Costa Rica

If you are very extroverted, look for a group tour or a destination like Fiji or Costa Rica, where socializing is expected.

Fiji is a great choice if you like being around other travelers, as group tours are very popular there. If you’re looking to meet other travelers and experience the local culture on the Fijian islands, then Fiji is your best bet! There are tons of group tours that will get you off the beaten path and into some amazing experiences.

Costa Rica has become a popular destination for travelers who want an active adventure with lots of opportunities to meet other people while they explore this beautiful country. There are tons of group tours in Costa Rica because it’s such an easy place to meet people from all over the world! In fact, data shows that Costa Rica hosted over 3.35 million tourists annually before the pandemic hit. Hence, you can easily meet someone and make new friends during your journey.


As mentioned, there is something for everyone when it comes to travel. If you’re looking for an adventure that suits your personality, consider the tips above. You’ll find that the best trips are ones that let you explore new places and try new things while still being comfortable enough so that you don’t feel like they’re overwhelming. Keep these tips in mind and start planning your next adventure.

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