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How to Overcome Anxiety, Nervousness and Worry Hack

“Most of the time when we have anxiety – anxiety is just excitement + worry! So, what we want to do is knock out the worry and switch it to excitement!” Mel Robbins.How to Overcome Anxiety.Take a look at this article with tips and hacks on Overcome Anxiety.It might help you stay more relaxed and healthy.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Five Second Rule Hack – Mel Robbins – Whenever you experience anxiety, nervousness, or excitement, it all feels the same to the body. Your brain interprets it and if we usually have a problem and if are worrying, then the brain begins to panic because that’s how it will interpret!  So how can you hack your brain into being excited and confident, versus nervousness or fear?

It’s called the 5 second rule! So, you simply count backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1! And then allow your brain to make a decision!

An additional thing you can do is, let’s say you have something big coming up and you feel a lot of nervousness or anxiety, count backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, and then say “I’m excited about what’s to come!” This way you’re telling your brain what to think directly!

Another way to hack your brain is just to ask a question and say, “why am I so excited?” Then your brain will consciously now know that this is exciting, versus nervousness, and come up with reasons why you’re so excited!

Most Memorable Moments Hack – Brian Rogan – When you get nervous and get butterflies – I always say that I never avoid the butterflies, because the most memorable moments in your life are right after you have butterflies. So, don’t avoid the butterflies as they can lead to the biggest moments of your life!

It’s a Good Thing Hack – Eddie Murphy – On nervousness – You know every time that I felt completely comfortable and loose and thought that I’m good and going to be killing on stage tonight, I would totally bomb! Then I realize that feeling good really didn’t necessarily mean I’m going to get the best results! Yet, whenever I was slightly nervous, I’m not sure how It was going to go, it usually went great! So, I can look forward to the times I was nervous because they gave me that hey, I’m not sure what we get tonight doubt and uncertainty, and it actually made me perform better. So, I always saw the nervousness as a good thing!

How to Get Over Worry Hack – Hal Elrod – What’s the opposite of that hack –Whenever you’re worried about something, the key thing to do is say, “OK now I acknowledge that this might happen, or this could happen, now what is the opposite of that?” Put all your energy and your focus into that! For example if I was to think about the fact that I might die while I’m going through cancer and that I’m going to leave my wife and my kids, I mean just the emotional thought of that would leave me in a complete mood of somber and overall worry! But while I would acknowledge the fact that yes this could happen, I’m going to focus on the exact opposite of that and put all my focus and attention into something that will not cause that to happen. I think for a lot of us we have a tendency to take the worst-case scenario and think about things like that. Well, the reason why I don’t let it affect me is because I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. And the best hack for that is what is the opposite of that and focus on that! Because as we know, whatever you focus on expands, so let’s focus on the opposite of the thing that we’re worried about! In a lot of cases, you’ll be able to create something entirely different than what you were worried about in the first place! And even if that thing was to happen, at least you’ve dealt with it in the best way that you could in a positive and happy state, and that everything you could to avoid it or create a different result for yourself!

How to Get Your Parents to Not Worry Hack – Alex Dee – Their job is to worry, your job is to be happy – As I was growing up, I noticed no matter what I would do, my mom would always worry. It didn’t matter what I would do. And then I would do everything I could do to make sure she was happy, which made me miserable, which made her worry even more. This created a perpetual cycle. Then, one day, I decided I can’t control her worry. I’m just going to do what makes me happy. So, I started building the business I wanted vs. becoming a lawyer and married the girl I wanted to marry. And wouldn’t you know it, the happier I got, the less my mom worried. Mind you, I don’t think parents every stop worrying! But I found the hack for parents is their job is to worry. Your job is to be happy. The happier you are, the less they worry. And this is essentially true for most parent relationships I’ve seen. So be happy, they worry less is the best way to hack your parents

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