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How to Organize a Low-Cost Holiday: A Step-By-Step Guide

In this guide, I will guide you through all the steps helping to organize a low-cost holiday — everything you need to know from when to book the flight and what type of travel insurance to take out. And, each step will be accompanied by a paragraph with a close look at the issue.Is it possible to travel better for a longer time, and affordable price?Here is a step by step guide to organize a cheap but exciting trip!

Ready to travel more?

Low-Cost Holiday


Let’s start this guide with one of the most important things or at least the one that will determine the beginning and end of your holiday.

Are you sure you know the tricks to save some money by booking a flight?

Frequently, this step represents the largest expense in organizing a trip. However, some tricks can help our budget.


Usually, on weekends the prices go up. People have more time to book their holidays, and airlines take advantage of it by raising rates. Try to look for prices between Monday and Thursday. That is not proved scientifically, but Tuesday should be the best day.


The ideal would be to travel in the low season — in fact, in the periods of least tourist flow. Why?

  • Flight prices will be lower, given the low demand.
  • For the same reason, hotels/accommodations will also cost less.
  • It may be the best season for some countries: fewer tourists and more opportunities to get an idea of ​​real, local life.


It is important not to rely on one source in booking a flight, but to compare the prices available on the various sites. Here are the best:

  • Momondo: One of the best sites for international flights. Besides, it has the “Trip Finder” function that allows you to set some search parameters that lead to a destination suggested by the site itself.
  • Skyscanner: the perfect search engine if your schedule is flexible and if you are looking for a solution among low-cost airlines specifically. It is equipped with the “most convenient month” function, which indicates the best rate per route.
  • Google Flights: being the leading search engine, it can present good opportunities to be seized instantly.

So, this strategy is simple and clear. It’s as if you’re a student who needs to get the best academic support. You may find a lot of writing platforms and services, but only will fulfill your needs perfectly. So, everything lies in comparison and analysis.


Always remember to use the incognito navigation mode when looking for your flights. This way, you will avoid cookies, which track your preferences and lead to a price increase.

The flight reservation is the one that has the most constraints. On the contrary, while choosing where to stay, we will have more choice. In this part, I will tell you about how to save on accommodation through tips and new opportunities. Are you ready?


If you enjoy immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the places you visit, AirBnB is for you. Almost always, the hosts of the accommodations are locals. So, you will have free access to the advice of those who live in the places you visit. If you travel in a group, AirBnB is the most convenient solution because you can rent an entire apartment and save significant amounts of money.


Booking has the exclusive offer of crazy offers and, besides, you will have a wide choice: you can find accommodation ranging from the hostel to the luxury hotel. After a few reservations, your platform account will become better, which provides exclusive accommodation and discounts.


Have you ever been to a hostel? The experience in these places goes beyond simple accommodation. Why? In addition to the economic convenience, you can be sure that, in the hostels, you will never be alone. You will be able to meet new people every day with whom, perhaps, you can share the trip.


It’s not classic accommodation, but if you like new experiences, you should try it! Usually, these types of solutions work as an exchange: for a few hours of work, you will be offered accommodation and, sometimes, even a few meals.

Did I convince you to go outside your comfort zone for new experiences? Remember that saving on housing doesn’t mean giving up on comfort.

At this point in organizing a trip, you can already hear the chatter in a foreign language, to taste new flavors, and to see landscapes that you have always associated with your dream destination.


Frequently, traveling is considered a luxury. And there is nothing more wrong because, with small tricks, it is possible to travel without spending billions. It depends on HOW you want to travel.

Some tricks to travel for a long time with little money:

  • Travel in the low season.
  • Be flexible in the availability of days.
  • Choose apartments or hostels (even private rooms) to amortize food expenses.
  • Travel in a group and share the costs.
  • Travel to places where life is cheap.

Here, I want to reveal 10 low-cost destinations in the world — are we leaving?


I have lived in Bali for eight months and, like most of the countries of Southeast Asia, it is extremely cheap: in the “warung” (local restaurants), you can eat large dishes for only €1. What is striking about this country is the culture, the smiling people, and the numerous temples. Also, next to the houses, a second important aspect — a nature with its tropical beaches and the waterfalls to be reached through adventurous paths and forests.


The Philippines are still an unknown destination for mass tourism. It makes them authentic and inexpensive.

The archipelago has 7,641 islands and one of the most beautiful seas I have ever seen. Manila is the capital, and everything else is pure nature. Waterfalls, crystal clear waters, caves, dense vegetation, and beautiful fauna: manta rays, turtles, and, in certain places, whale sharks.


Mexico was the destination of my first solo trip in 24 years, which lasted two months. Excellent food, welcoming people, luxuriant nature. Mexico offers everything you need: Caribbean sea and cenotes (a type of cave with fresh water) in the Yucatan, Mayan ruins in Chiapas, history and culture in Mexico City, and parties for those looking for more fun.


I have been to Cuba twice — 10 solo days were enough to make me fall in love. It is a country where everything costs quite a little, especially if you choose to sleep in private Cuban houses in B&B style or eat local food. Cuba has a unique and particular culture, starting from that of rhum to that of the cigar, in particular in the Viñales valley where tobacco is grown, and it is possible to see small artisans as they make cigars. Cuba is music and color.


Colombia is the second largest coffee producer in the world — about 8 million bags, so the Coffee Axis is a must: Quindío, Risaralda, and Caldas. Like all of South America, it is very colorful, it has a lively culture, and life there is based on music and delicious tropical fruit. Jungle, sea, surfing, trekking, good food.


One of the most famous countries in South America, thanks to the fame of Macchu Picchu. Peru is a whole country that has much more to offer. The food, first of all — the cuisine is particular and fusion (Peruvian Japanese, Peruvian Italian). The ruins are numerous, especially in the north of the lesser known towns. Peru is a mountainous country, so even the mountains are a great attraction. And, just think of the famous Rainbow Mountain!


Portugal is the first European destination that I recommend if you have a low budget. When I visited Portugal 2 years ago, it was definitely cheaper than Spain. The people are welcoming, and there are excellent food and wine culture. Portugal is particularly famous for its wines (Porto) and the pasteis de nata (typical dessert prepared with puff pastry and filling made with cream and eggs). The wonderful sound of the local language is one of the main reasons that drive me to recommend it!


Spain is a popular destination for many tourists. It costs little (be careful to choose the right period and destinations), and the culture is exciting. There are spectacular islands (Balearic and Canary Islands) and,

as always, good food. The paella Valenciana, the jamon, the queso (cheese), the tapas bar where the Spaniards gather after work to get together and drink, etc.


If you are looking for a beautiful sea, there is only one answer: Greece. The dream of seeing live the famous landscapes with white houses and blue domes is achievable, as long as you choose the right periods and destinations. Greece knows how to be expensive but also cheap.


Even in Croatia, the sea is breathtaking — just think of the number of marine national parks, including the Brijuni and Kornati islands. For music lovers, there are numerous festivals, for nature lovers — the famous Plitvice National Park to spend a day in contact with the greenery, emerald lakes, and waterfalls. From a gastronomic point of view, I ćevapčići are not to be missed: small, highly flavored minced meat sausages cooked on the grill.

So, are you ready to start your unforgettable trip now?

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