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Key Tips On How to Open a Wine Bottle Successfully

If you want to be a wine connoisseur, the first thing you have to know is how to open a wine bottle properly. Fine wine is meant to be enjoyed and being frustrated because you do not know how to open a wine bottle defeats the purpose. There are different ways of opening a wine bottle, such as using an electric wine opener, and as a person who wants to enjoy this beverage, you need to know every trick there is.Best way to open a wine bottle the proper way to avoid breaking the Cork.Learn all about the How to open a wine bottle.

There are those who think it’s just opening a bottle of wine so why is there a need to learn the proper way of doing it? This is because good wine does not come cheap. If you break the neck of the bottle, bits and pieces will fall into the wine and will, therefore, render it undrinkable.

How to Open a Wine Bottle

How to Open a Wine Bottle Successfully

Things you need to open a bottle of wine properly:

There are three things that you need.

  • Wine bottle
  • Two-step waiter’s corkscrew
  • Wine glass

For practice, you can choose whatever wine you like. Perhaps choosing a cheaper brand of wine is advisable so if you make a mistake and have to throw away the wine, you will not feel guilty, or feel like you’ve wasted money.

The two-step waiter’s corkscrew comes with a small knife, a corkscrew (of course), and a two-step system that is easy to use. You can find this in any home department store.

Here are a few easy steps on how to open a wine bottle:

  1. Take out your two-step waiter’s corkscrew and expose the knife that is included in the device. Place the knife just below the lip of the bottle and start cutting the foil on the bottle in a circular motion. It is mostly because of hygiene that experts cut below the lip and not almost on the lip of the bottle.The reason behind this is that many wine bottles are stored in a wine cellar where things could get a bit dusty and dirty. If you cut in near the lip and you pour wine, bacteria could possibly be ingested. However, if you open it a little bit farther down, you do not have to worry about your health being compromised. When you are done, simply remove the foil using the knife so you also do not scratch yourself.
  2. Plant the corkscrew into the cork. This step is quite easy and you do not have to put too much pressure when you do it. Place the corkscrew vertically and use just enough pressure so the tip of the corkscrew penetrates the cork. Start rotating the corkscrew. The design will let itself be pulled into the cork naturally. When there is one turn of the corkscrew left, stop rotating.
  3. Use the lever of the corkscrew. Your corkscrew should come with a lever. Place the middle part of the lever on the tip of the bottle and slowly pull down the long leg of the corkscrew. This should allow the cork to come up halfway through. Now, use the last step of the lever to let the cork come out all the way through.How to Open a Wine Bottle Successfully

    Pour your wine into a wine glass and enjoy the aroma and taste of good wine.

If you do not have a corkscrew or can’t use one, here are other ways on how you can open a wine bottle.

  • Electric wine bottle opener. If you have arthritis or other health related issues that prevents you from opening a wine bottle the regular way, this is your best option. It is cordless and the batteries are rechargeable. An electric wine bottle opener takes out the cork in just a few seconds.
  • Use a house key. If you went to a friend’s house and they have no corkscrew, use your reliable house key. Wash it first before you use it, though. All you have to do is insert the key into the cork in a 45-degree angle, keep pushing gently until most of the key is inside the bottle, and twist it while pulling it up. A little patience is required, but it should do the trick.
  • Steak knife. If you don’t want to use your house key, you can also use a steak knife. Slowly insert the steak knife into the cork for about an inch and gradually pull it up.

Many people have said that a glass of wine each night is good for you. The great thing about it is that you can drink it alone when you are watching your favorite show, or you can ask some friends to come over, slice some cheese, and open a bottle of wine or two.

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