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How to Move a Piano Quickly?

You can save money by doing big tasks by yourself. Moving a piano is a difficult task. If you feel it only requires power to move a piano, you’re wrong because you also have to protect it. It’s never easy to move a complicated, delicate, and heavy instrument without causing any damage. The best way is to hire professional movers for this task. You can DIY, but you need the help of others, and you need to be prepared for it. 

How to Move a Piano Quickly?

How to Move Piano Quickly Yourself?

Look at the below-given tips for moving the piano yourself. 

  1. Find the right moving materials and supplies

If you want to safely move your piano, ensure that you have all the required materials and supplies. You need lots of moving blankets for the protection of the upright piano and grand piano. Nobody wants to see scratches on their valuable instrument. You can cover the piano with thick towels and blankets. Moreover, you need lots of tapes to keep blankets in place. 

For moving an upright piano, you need a dolly that can hold the piano’s weight. In contrast, grand pianos are more complex and bulky, and they require additional supplies. Along with moving blankets, you need to find a piano skid board for a secure move. 

  1. Assemble a team of helpers 

Once all the supplies are ready, you need at least four people to move the piano. Moreover, the number of helpers depends on the size of the piano. Enlist all those family members and friends who have prior experience of moving heavy items. Ensure that all the helpers are wearing the right moving clothes. 

  1. Measure staircases and doorways 

Before moving, measure places in your home through which you want to pass a piano. Measuring staircases and doorways will ensure that you can easily maneuver the piano board and piano through your home. Moreover, ensure that doors are open, furniture that can cause damage is removed, and floors are properly protected. Cover the sharp edges of the door to prevent scratches. 

  1. Move upright and grand piano

Once you have done with preparation steps, it’s time to move your piano. When you want to move upright piano, you need to protect piano pedals and piano keys. Use blankets to cover the piano and secure them with tape. Moreover, use moving blankets on the front, sides, and back to protect the piano. 

When lifting, ensure that helpers are on all sides. Your team needs to take special precautions to avoid injuries. After putting the piano on a dolly, take it to your moving truck. 

For moving grand piano:

  • Secure the top lid
  • Use a screwdriver to disassemble the piano legs and pedals. 
  • Remove all the legs of a grand piano and position your team in place to prevent the piano from hitting the ground. 
  • Use moving blankets to wrap the lid and keys of the piano. Ensure that legs and pedals are also secured in a separate blanket. 

Once you have successfully moved your piano to a new location, carefully re-assemble the parts. Again, ensure that you have helpers around to assist you. 

What’s the Alternative for Moving a Piano Quickly?

Everybody can’t move a piano by himself. So, the best way is to choose a professional mover. There are plenty of professional companies who can do this task for you. Piano movers NYC is the best option to move your piano securely. Moreover, ensure that you hire an insured and licensed company so that you can feel comfortable. 

Why Do You Need to Hire Professional Movers for Moving Piano?

Yes, it can be expensive to hire a moving company for the moving task, but it can help protect your valuable assets from getting damaged. You need to hire professionals for moving the piano because:

  • Pianos are heavy and difficult to move
  • Pianos are delicate and complicated
  • They can easily get damaged if not moved by professionals
  • You can get injured during the moving process
  • It can damage your floors and furniture

So, to avoid the damage, the best way is to choose a professional company for this task. 

Final Words

The moving process is always tricky, so ensure that you do it in the right way. Hire professionals for moving your piano quickly and securely. 

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