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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Family Trip In Miami

Miami isn’t only for late-night pool parties and thriving bars, but you can also have a great family trip here. The sunny city offers a variety of spots perfect for all ages, such as museums, beaches, zoos, and others. Here, you can enjoy great outdoor activities and immerse yourself in a vibrant culture. With such, here are the things you can do to make the most of your family trip to Miami: 

1. Dip Into The Venetian Pool

Beat the summer heat by dipping into one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world. Its design has a touch of Italian architecture combined with an idyllic setting. It also has waterfalls, tropical foliage, and a subterranean aquifer that replenishes fresh water in the pool.  

Although it’s always crowded, you may want to avoid weekends as these days have the most crowds. It’s also better to ensure that you stay in a nearby hotel for easier access. Or you can check this roundup of the best kid-friendly hotels in Miami Beach if you plan to hop on the said beach after enjoying the Venetian Pool. 

If you have kids, this place is perfect because it has an on-site cafe that serves French fries, pizza, and ice cream. Meanwhile, your water-loving kids will have hours of entertainment since the grotto is cool and the pool is shallow.  

2. Try The Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Your family would also love to try the Big Bus Miami as its open deck is a good way to see the city. This tour also offers a guided tour, making it easier to see all the City’s highlights. You can avoid missing the important areas and sights, especially if it’s your first time visiting the city.  

What’s even better is the opportunity to customize your sightseeing, depending on your family’s interests. You can choose three different routes and pass by popular spots like Miami Duck Tours, Jungle Island, Vizcaya Garden, and Miami Seaquarium.  

3. Visit The Museums

Happy mother and son watching and feeding giraffe in zoo. Happy family having fun with animals safari park on warm summer day.

Whether you have kids with you or your family is only adults, you can visit tons of museums for all ages. Some have educational activities for kids, while others have historical concepts for adults. Going into the museums also allows you to take a rest from the sun or when rain showers Florida.  

Make your kids engage in interactive activities and exhibits at Miami Children’s Museum. You can find Pet Central, where the young ones can learn more about the responsibilities of a pet owner. Let them climb the rock wall at Mt. MiChiMu. Or make them dive deeper into the ocean at The Sea and Me exhibit.  

And for adults, you may want to watch performances at the Institute of Contemporary Art. This museum is perfect for art enthusiasts where you can enjoy a ‘Family Day’ every month for free.  

4. Stroll Through The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden 

This garden is best for nature and plant lovers because this is where you can see exotic plant species and beautiful local flora. Every pathway has an array of various plants that will surely amaze you.  

You can even learn about the rarest species on the property when you hop on the garden tram. It’s a tour around the property that may take 45 minutes, in which you can also listen to the Fairchild’s history.  

A butterfly house is also available on the property, and home to hundreds of tropical butterflies. It will make you enjoy strolling since they’ll flutter throughout the property. You may even encounter squirrels, iguanas, and other native wildlife.  

5. Don’t Miss The Zoos

If you want to see more animals, visit the zoos and national parks in Miami. Swim with the seals or dolphins at Miami Seaquarium. Here, you can enjoy sea life exhibits and touch pools.  

For outdoor activities, hiking or biking the trails at Everglades National Park. Doing so will allow you to encounter native species like great blue herons (like the hotel, Blue Heron Beach Resort in Orlando) and alligators.  

You may also want to visit the largest subtropical zoo in the US to see more than 3,000 animals or try camel rides. Or have an eye-to-eye with the herd of African giraffes while feeding them on an elevated wooden platform of Zoo Miami’s Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station.  


Your family trip to Miami will be worthwhile because there are many places to visit and activities to enjoy. From swimming to visiting museums to feeding animals, the city has a lot to offer. What are you waiting for? Come and try the activities above!  

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