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How to Make the Final Decision on a House That’s for Sale

In recent years, the city of Bakersfield has become the unsung hero of many aspiring homeowner’s Californian real estate journeys. But even after you’ve found the perfect place to buy your own home, no matter where it is in the world, there are things to consider before making your next move. 

Only you can truly know what makes and breaks that all-important decision, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. With the right real estate agent and a list of priorities, you’ll feel confident in your ability to make your California dreams a bonafide reality in Bakersfield and beyond!

These tips and insights can be applied to any real estate decision, whether you’re looking for houses in Bakersfield for sale or buying a place in one of New York City’s five boroughs. But for this example, we’ll be using the Californian southwest setting as our dream home destination. 

Make a checklist of priorities 

These can range from absolute deal-breakers to general hopes about the place you’re considering. But it’s important to be realistic about what you’re going to get out of this checklist too.

Must-haves tend to fall under criteria like schools, commutability, the quality of the home itself, and the number of bedrooms. But what matters most is making this checklist to suit your needs.

Within driving distance of pure bliss

Consider what awaits you just a few hours away from your potential new home. If you have an urge to travel and explore, be sure that your wanderlust is going to be quenched in this place. 

Bakersfield is just hours away from picturesque beaches, iconic staples of entertainment, and much more. With Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hollywood beckoning the city’s residents, there’s always a new adventure awaiting new buyers. 

Take a walk around the neighborhood

All the viewings in the world can’t compare to getting out there and seeing the area for yourself. Dedicate a day to exploring the cultures, surroundings, and attractions that await potential new residents. 

Look at the industries within the area 

Bakersfield has experienced a surge in business over the last few years. Global industry giants Amazon recently built a large-scale warehouse in the area, which in turn has led to other future-thinking businesses taking note. Technology company Bitwise Industries has developed a new technology hub here too in the hopes of attracting the next generation of Silicon Valley-inspired creatives. 

What does that mean for Bakersfield real estate prices? It means that the future is very bright! Be sure that wherever you travel to and decide upon, you’ve understood how these factors can affect the price of your new home. 

Asking the right questions 

Be honest with your realtor about what you want, and ask the important questions. Why are the owners selling? How long have they lived here? How long has this place been on the market? 

Be wary of pushing too far, as the move may be for sensitive personal reasons. But asking the right questions while you can helps you to paint a picture of how your new life will be there. 

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