How to Know about an Upcoming Hurricane?

When natural disasters take people by surprise, everyone is faced with complete confusion and panic. The chances of surviving a disaster increase significantly when you are aware of the danger and at least minimally prepared.

Fortunately, today, it is possible to find out about an approaching hurricane or other impending cataclysms from the special app RainViewer.


  • Hurricane Tracking Map. The application offers a great detailed map to track the hurricane path and its changes and intensity. The map shows all hurricane movements for the last 2 days and what is going to happen to it in the next 90 minutes.
  • Alerts. The app sends you an automatic push notification in case of impending danger or just an upcoming rain.
  • Forecast Animation. An animation is designed based on the work of 1200 weather radars, which allows receiving an accurate picture of the future snow, rain, or storm.
  • Precipitation Chart. You can track a minute-by-minute pattern of rain or snow and their intensity in the following 2 hours in more than 90 countries.
  • Precipitation Directions. This function allows you to know where the precipitation is going to move.
  • 48 Hours Return Back. You can get info about all movements of the cyclone or hurricane made in the past 2 days. It is possible to get access to the archive map as well as radar information
  • Weather forecast. Besides disaster tracking, the app provides a detailed forecast for the next 2 days and a daily one for the next 2 weeks. The app weather forecast includes main data: temperature, precipitation chances, and conditions.  

In addition, you can get reviews of weather conditions relevant to the region you choose.  

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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