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How To Keep Your Mail Packages Safe

Are you waiting for an important mail package delivery for a week already? Are you sure it’s not lost or STOLEN?!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, shocking statistics have surfaced about package theft. Approximately, 49 million American consumers have reported their online deliveries being stolen in 2020-21.

Mail package theft has already skyrocketed. Many e-commerce companies are facing complaints from shoppers who have lost expensive deliveries. It’s a pity!

Whether you’re a victim of mail package theft, or you’re just a novice at online shopping, you’d better get more proactive at keeping your mail packages safe. Here’s all you need to know to save your deliveries from porch pirates.

What is Porch Piracy?

“Porch piracy” has become a popular catchphrase in the online shopping community. It refers to the theft of parcels and packages from people’s doorstep.

Often online deliveries come in large packages that won’t fit in mailboxes. It is common practice among delivery agents to leave the packages outside the receiver’s door when no one is available to collect them personally. With a rise in no-contact deliveries due to COVID-19 precautions, neglected parcels have become easy targets for petty thieves. 

It is not easy to pinpoint who may be stealing your packages. A recent study has revealed that it could be anybody – male or female, young or old. Some culprits also hail high-income groups.

What Can You Do About Package Theft?

If your deliveries are missing, you could always enquire directly from your delivery provider. But instead of whining over spilled milk, you could take steps to prevent your packages from getting stolen in the first place.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Delivered Packages Unattended: As soon as your package arrives at your doorstep, the delivery management system alerts you with a message. Even if it’s a no-contact delivery, make sure you take the package inside as soon as possible. Of course, take necessary precautions and sanitize the package first.
  2. Use The Hold Mail Facility:  You may be expecting your mail package to arrive when you’re away on a vacation. In that case, leave a request with USPS, or your local post office for holding the mail until you’re back.
  3. Hold The Mail For Pickup: USPS advises you to “hold the mail for pick-up”. With this option, you’ve got the choice to collect the parcel from the local post office at your convenience. 
  4. Choose Alternate Delivery Location: Maybe you’re expecting expensive items to be delivered. In such cases when you want to be sure to avoid any missing packages, USPS Hold Mail For Pickup option may seem unreliable. In that case, you can also avail of package storage and receiving services. Trustworthy private companies like Stowfly have a network of shops across major cities for receiving online deliveries.
  5. Opt For Secure Shipments: If you’re receiving mail packages through USPS, you can opt for “signature confirmation”. This special service is ideal for important and valuable deliveries. The delivery will be handed over only after the receiver’s signature is verified.
  6. Instal A Home Monitoring System: Camera surveillance is a good way to deter criminals and thieves from attempting to steal packages from your porch. Install a home monitoring system so that you can catch the culprit red-handed. You should also place a clear warning at the front door or your porch that the area is under surveillance. 

When you’re already worried about your missing packages, chasing delivery companies to compensate for your loss can amount to further frustration. A few active measures can prevent your mail packages from being stolen away from your doorstep. Following these tips and suggestions, you can ensure that your mail packages are safe. 

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